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  1. DKD

    Bang Bang You Da Yoyo

    Bang Bang's got the shits coz the Aussies tap dat phone of his. Tony Abbott says countries gather intelligence to protect their interests and ensure security. He's refusing to deny/confirm anything. Indonesians are fuming. Ambassadors gone home. Watchoo think on that?
  2. DKD

    Which exercise has given you most muscle growth?

    Not really interested in theoretical discussion or what Ronnie/Jay do, I'd like to read people's personal experiences. Which exercise best helped you to develop a particular muscle? For example, "couldn't see any gains on chest/back/triceps until I started doing X".
  3. mocha

    should i accept DKD's friend request?

    i have a big conundrum
  4. kaz

    Debate: Kipping Pull ups Vs. Dead Hang

    Both exercises have their benefits and hold a place in strength and Conditioning. But which one is really better? Kipping Pull ups have been made infamous by Crossfitters, while the Dead Hand Pull ups is well renowned by athletes, coaches, trainers and trainees for building upper body strength...
  5. DKD

    DKD's 2012 Body Transformation

    Hello there boys and girls. :) I didn't win $31 million in Lotto last night, so this here is Plan B. Vitals: Age: 43 Height: 183cm Weight: 94.3 kg (weighed today) Bodyfat: not sure, but estimated at 88.572% Background: Had far too many years of sedentary lifestyle, wasn't happy with how...
  6. J

    Exercise of the Day – SwissBall Pike

    Exercise of the Day – SwissBall Pike If you want to work your abs, build up your level of core stabilization, and get a great shoulder workout all at the same time, then The Pike is the exercise for you! YouTube - Stability Ball Pike Swissball Pike The video above shows you how to perfrom...