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New member
Exercise of the Day – SwissBall Pike

If you want to work your abs, build up your level of core stabilization, and get a great shoulder workout all at the same time, then The Pike is the exercise for you!

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFVn0Rh-WWk]YouTube - Stability Ball Pike[/ame]
Swissball Pike

The video above shows you how to perfrom The Pike on a swiss ball. With the Pike you will get a great overall body workout, and you will also keep your heart rate up!


Private Dancer
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Private Dancer
oh shit he's gone. Adios Amigo!!

No offence eh bro, it was all said lovingly....:D


Bring back [MENTION=16]jon[/MENTION] Shrek!

His threads are awesome kunce. Check em out!