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  1. A


    Hello all, I am new here.... Thank you so much for having me here. the forum is really something I was looking for... the threads are really nice, I love the forum...
  2. Fadi

    Dallas McCarver Dead!

    Unfortunate and very sad news of a young up and coming Champion. Earlier on this year: May you rest in peace Dallas...
  3. H

    Where are the cyclists?

    How come no cyclists are posting threads in this AUSBB sub-forum? Have they all got fit and rode away?
  4. Shrek

    "kevin Levrone - 2016 comeback motivation"

  5. S

    Ausbb Complaints Department

    Lodge your complaints here. This is going to be the most prolific thread Ausbb has ever had :D Kunts oughta pay me! I'll start. I wanted to go offer Restuffage some sage advise in a thread posted a week or so back but I can't find the thread coz Shrek has been bumping threads and...
  6. AnneJordan

    Intro so my profile isnt deleted !

    HI, I have been a member too long reading and not posting so I have to post to stay active! Call me Anne, 24yo Female. Darwin Lifting on and off since 2012. Joined to read threads and learn. There is alot I do not know but from reading threads I can safely say I am not an idiot and know...
  7. A

    General cycling chat

    a thread for stuff that doesn't fit in other threads, and doesn't really need its own thread
  8. W

    Bodyworx/ Cyberfit Bumper plates

    Hey I'm looking at purchasing some bumper plates in a few weeks time and have been looking at some options, a seemingly unknown brand is the bodyworx bumpers over at cyberfit. Does anyone have any experience with these? http://www.cyberfit.com.au/econ-150kg-olympic-bumper-plates-set-p-763.html...
  9. N

    Enhanced Training Program (REQUEST)

    I'd like to see some training programs for strictly hypertrophy for enhanced guys, preferably 5 days or so days a week. Anyone want to help a new guy out :D?
  10. A

    Here is why we don't mass delete posts

    While we are happy to delete a post here and there when requested of when the thread gets spammed etc how ever we don't mass Delete posts as it screws up the order of threads, which means that threads need to be re-indexed by search engines before they return proper results. Deleting posts...
  11. Fadi

    You look Too Buff Bro!

  12. J

    Break ups

    Hi all, I'm not quite sure what I hope to get out of posting my question on a public forum but here goes. I've been with my current soon to be ex for 4 years now. We got engaged after 9 or so months but never had an official engagement. She was simply happy to wear a ring with no intention...
  13. A

    Nobull supplements threads

    I have closed down the nobull supplement threads as again they are getting too heated with personal attacks , all parties have had their time to reply , so it has come time to close the threads down and move on
  14. B

    We'll be lurking threads and giving away free stuff to you

    Monthly, we'll be reading through Member's Diaries and perhaps some other non related topics on Ausbb to see where we can reward someone for their efforts. Congratulations to Paddy this month who we have just spotted in the Members Diaries doing really well with their training. Paddy picks...
  15. Darkoz


    Bit quiet in here girls, what's going on
  16. 0ni

    Critique my glutes

    As the title suggests i am having troubles when i squat my knees come in. Am i right in thinking that the glutes are pretty strong external rotators and if my knees are coming in its more me not using my glutes when im squatting than a weakness in the glutes? Whats the best cue for squatting...
  17. J

    Exercise of the Day – SwissBall Pike

    Exercise of the Day – SwissBall Pike If you want to work your abs, build up your level of core stabilization, and get a great shoulder workout all at the same time, then The Pike is the exercise for you! YouTube - Stability Ball Pike Swissball Pike The video above shows you how to perfrom...
  18. A

    Subscribe to threads

    What are subscriptions? Subscriptions are a way of keeping track of different threads or forums. You can choose how you are notified about updates - for example by having them listed in your User CP and receiving email updates for each one. How do I subscribe to a thread or forum? To...
  19. A

    Keep Track Of Threads Easily - How To Use Subscriptions

    Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding has a feature to keep track of threads that you are interested in. It is by means of a feature called "subscribe" You can easily subscribe to any thread on the forum. To subscribe to a thread, click the "Thread Tools" drop down at the top of each thread and...
  20. T

    Why do you train?

    I'm talking bodybuilding or other weight training activities. To keep it under control, please limit answers to 5 most relevant reasons. My answers: To gain muscle mass and desirable body for sex appeal (for women, gays can look but no touch). To compete with others at the gym I train at...