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  1. Stiff 2G

    Fasted training

    So the Big Stick came up with a unique diet. Any thoughts or experience with fasted training like this
  2. Shrek


    Does anyone drink it? Do you make your own or buy it?
  3. WoodyAllen

    Googy eggs

    By my calculations, the general populace is about 10 years behind gym nutrition. Maybe were are about back on track now with the myth that eggs are bad for you and destroy your cholesterol levels (in a bad way). Bring on da googy eggs. I have 6 each morning...
  4. J

    Egg whites

    Who here drinks liquid egg whites? Just back doing this, has long been a staple of mine when training. Today i mixed egg whites with powerade powder, surprisingly good lol
  5. WoodyAllen

    Beetroot juice

    This is old news, for those who are in the know, but it has now been shown that beetroot juice does improve performance. Its also a great stim for fat loss. http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/university-of-wa-researchers-find-beetroot-juice-could-enhance-athletes-20160307-gncwwj.html
  6. A

    'Vagina Weightlifting Can Empower Women'

    An ‘intimacy coach’ who can lift coconuts, household objects, and even a surfboard using her vagina believes that vaginal weightlifting can empower women, cure depression and even replace botox. Kim Anami, teaches ‘vaginal kung fu’, and is a believer in the power that every woman holds between...
  7. A

    Munchie Tuesdays - Best Protein Powder Recipes

    What's your favorite food to make with protein powder? Have a killer pancake or cake recipe? Or do you use it in savory food as well?
  8. G

    Low-Carb Protein Crepe

    Saw this recipe and thought Id share. Its a nice change up for breakfast. Protein Crepe Ingredients: 1scoop Vanilla Protein 1/4 cup liquid egg whites Splash of sweetened almond milk 2 tbsp PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter Stevia to taste Cinnamon to taste Directions: 1. Spray sauce pan with...
  9. A

    Quickly Peel A Hard-Boiled Egg By Shaking It In A Glass Of Water

  10. A

    How do you 'spice up' your egg whites to make them more enjoyable?

    Egg whites are arguably the best protein you can buy, however, they sure taste like rubber after a few weeks. How do you 'spice up' your egg whites to make them more enjoyable?
  11. A

    Protein Packed Egg Salad Recipe

    Do you love Egg Salad? If you are like me and do than this is the recipe for you. This Protein Packed Egg Salad recipe is so delicious and it is so quick and easy to make. Let’s get into it! Ingredients 2 Egg whites 1 Whole egg (or 2 additional egg whites) 2 tbs Plain low fat Greek yogurt...
  12. Goosey

    Ice Cream

    Some say this shit is bad, I reckon it's superb for getting extra cals in, for someone youg bloke wanting to beef up. The high butterfat content is contraindicated for those on a low fat diet, but ice cream does have a number of bonuses. For those who like to rationalize their indulgence...
  13. Kinross Muscle

    Feedback please - liquid egg whites

    Hi Everyone, Kinross Muscle is committed to delivering a great quality liquid egg white product to bodybuilders. We'd really appreciate your thoughts and feedback so we can give you a product with all the qualities you want. Below are the questions: 1. What size product would you prefer...
  14. chocchillimango

    Egg white recipes

    Now I'm a fan of the whole egg ... powerhouse of good stuff. But I like my omelettes/fritatta with egg whites only ... dunno why, the yolk freaks me out in these dishes :p This site has some awesome simple recipes for egg whites. Love it. Check 'em out. they also sell really good frozen...
  15. A

    Egg yolks almost as bad for the heart as smoking: study

    Egg yolks almost as bad for the heart as smoking: study
  16. R

    buying meat, chicken & egg whites Sydney?

    hey guys, where do you buy your chicken, beef from in Sydney? is there anywhere that sells good quality for good prices? i'm around ryde/eastwood but willing to travel a bit. also where can i buy liquid egg whites? there was a youtube clip i saw & the guy had a big bottle with a pump on...
  17. jzpowahz

    Bacon & egg muffins

    Ingredients 400g bacon (I used low fat shoulder bacon) 600ml egg whites (can use whole eggs if macros allow) 25g low fat cheese (can use more if you wish) lemon pepper seasoning (or whatever spice you want) Directions 1. grill bacon until lightly browned 2. spray muffin pan 3. cut into...
  18. jzpowahz

    egg nog

    Haven't tried this one yet. Looks good though. Obviously, can switch up full fat/skim, sugar/sweetener depending on macros. Low Fat Eggnog Recipe
  19. DKD

    Egg whites from supermarket

    I checked out frozen egg whites at Woolies today, but didn't buy it.....still thinking it over. It was a 950gm pack for $6.27. Every 250gm was about 9 egg whites according to the pack, so around 35 egg whites in the whole pack. You have to consume within 7 days, which kinda pissed me off...
  20. J

    Egg white protein

    I bought some a few weeks ago and every time I open it up and scoop some out it smells rank, almost like it's gone off. Is this how it's meant to smell? :D