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  1. JackBody

    Please help with bioadditive

    Hello! Who can help with bioadditive? Im wonna increase weight by 10 kg per year:):)
  2. JackBody

    Hello friends!

    Hey everyone! Im new hear Please go to friends! And follow me! Peace!
  3. trofim

    Hi there! I'm new!

    hi friends! Nice to meet you all who read this thread! Nice to be a part of this great forum
  4. Shrek

    Fuck Friends

    I don’t have any for this very reason. Happy to be a loner.
  5. S

    Old Kunts

    I look at old kunts with no mobility, no strength and no energy who can barely walk and, like everyone else I guess think if only they'd lift and do some cardio that'd fix it. But I've been wondering if that's too simple a solution. Are most garden variety old kunts incapable of doing a training...
  6. simo74

    The fountain of youth

    Today I ticked over another year and it led me to thinking what is the secret to staying young, be it physically, mentally or just young at heart. For me staying active and strong certainly help me feel younger or at least less creaky but it's the people in my life that really make the...
  7. A


    I'm interested to know if the majority of PTs pay rent to the gym they work out of? I was talking to a few of my PT friends the other day and they are working as casuals i.e. employed by the gym they work out of. Is one better financially? I know for the ones working as casuals they don't have...
  8. spartacus

    Australian all-time heaviest raw bench press 285kg

  9. A

    Death of Navy sailor linked to bodybuilding supplements

    Toxicology tests have been ordered to determine how a member of the Australian Navy died in Oman, but it is believed his death is linked to dangerous bodybuilding supplements. The ABC understands the 22-year-old leading seaman was found unconscious in a hotel room by colleagues who tried...
  10. H

    Competing in both GPC and PA

    Hello a friend of mine asked me if he could do a GPC competition and then do a PA competition. Usually people go to GPC when they are banned from PA so my friends desire to compete in both was surprising to me. Is there any issue for my friend to compete in GPC and then compete in PA competitions?
  11. D

    What keeps you motivated?

    I know that most of us are fired up to go train.* All our friends are at the gym, all of the hardbodied girls are there.* We are fired up MOST of the time.* But as we all know, life happens.* Things come up.* But we can't take any days off.* My question is this.* What motivates you on those days...
  12. A

    What song it on your running playlist that you would be somewhat embarrassed to revea

    What song it on your running playlist that you would be somewhat embarrassed to reveal to your friends?
  13. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread #9

    This weeks topic: Lifestyle · How do you fit training, eating, and recovery in with your job/study/etc? · How do you fit training, eating, and recovery in with your social life? · Does your significant other lift? If not, how do you deal with this lifestyle difference? ·...
  14. D

    I'm new here

    Hi everyone!* I'm new here.* I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself.* My name is David and I live in Puebla, Mexico.* I have been bodybuilding and taking steroids for years, and I am excited about the possibility of making friends with like minded people.* You can find out more about me...
  15. kaz


    Why and I all of a sudden being bombarded with this in my FB newsfeed? I have FB friends sending me PM's to sell me the stuff!
  16. A

    Best Foods and Tricks for Dining Out

    What are your favorite places to get food when dining out? What are your go-to meals when eating out with friends? Have any tips/tricks to share with everyone?
  17. A

    don't forget to invite your friends

    if they are not here already. We can not survive if we don't grow. If you belong to other boards or fitness groups.. Then invite your friends from there. If your already here.. ask a question Join in a conversation Answer a question Just become active If your reading this as a guest...
  18. A

    Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Synthol

    Bicep Implant - YouTube
  19. J

    Friends First Cycle..

    Hey all, A mate of mine is planning his first cycle. He's adamant that he's going to inject nothing less than 2ml of Test E a week. I told him this isn't necessary, and that a recommended starting point is 500mg. I've done a lot of research (planning on a cycle myself one day) but I didn't have...
  20. D1cko

    How to make friends outside work, school etc

    So I moved to Perth 6 months ago, and a month after splitting with my girlfriend, I've realized I have only 1 friend in Perth...and he's FIFO too, and on the opposite swing! :( I left all my friends up north, but I would like some company on RnR... Any ideas??? I'm having a rough time at the...