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  1. A

    Hi-Def Arnie 1972 Olympia- Essen, Germany

  2. Shrek

    ASC Brazil

    IFBB Pro Mens Bodybuilding Competitor List 1 Cody Montgomery USA 2 Juan Morel USA 3 Lionel Beyeke France 4 Josh Lenartowicz Australia 5 Justin Compton USA 6 Kai Greene USA 7 Vitaly Fateev Russia 8 Ronny Rockel Germany
  3. P


    Hi, I'm considering taking cardarine aka gw501516 aka endurobol to improve my endurance for riding. I have read a lot about it and understand the risks and benefits. Just wondering if anyone has tried the German Pharmaceuticals cardarine and can verify that it is legitimate or can recommend...
  4. A

    Strength wars puts 66kg calisthenics athlete matthias against 75kg powerbuilder koray

    STRENGTH WARS PUTS 66KG CALISTHENICS ATHLETE MATTHIAS AGAINST 75KG POWERBUILDER KORAY – WHO WILL WIN? Calisthenics athlete and German champion Matthias challenges Powerbuilder Koray, who represents a mix of powerlifting and bodybuilding. Strength Wars #5 is the following: Deadlift 120kg 20reps...
  5. Pocket_size

    German Volume Training - BOOM!!!

    I have been looking at mixing up my routine to kickstart some new mass/size gains recently. Ive looked at incorporating some strength specific training into my regeme. The Doug Hepburn Method looked like something I could have tweaked to suit... Buuut... then i came across German Volume...
  6. A

    10/10 german cheesecake

    Käsekuchen - German Cheesecake | DianasDesserts.com I leave it in the oven for around 1hr 30 mins. Then refrigerate overnight. I used 9 parts ricotta cheese 1 part sour cream for a substitute for quark. Tastes just like how it was in Germany. 10/10 for taste. So good.
  7. walt

    German Volume Training?

    High volume for legs worked better for me than dropping the volume did, GVT is high volume. Will be using it for front squats. Back squats will be 4 sets x 7 reps. This is on upper lower program btw 2 lower sessions a week, will be doing this when i go back to bulking in 2 months or so. Rate...
  8. DKD


    Do you like it, hate it, want to sign up, want to cancel? My main reason for sticking with it is so I can catch the Aussie cricket team on overseas tours. Apart from that I really only watch (occasionally) Inside Edge, Back Page and sometimes the pisspoor Aussie boxing in fkn RSL clubs. My kid...
  9. P

    German Volume Training

    While this is not a strength program, it is used by weightlifters trying to move up a weight class between seasons. Most of you may have heard about it. I have used it with success on my clients. In fact, the guy that won my last comp, Chris, was one of the first guys to do it. It works like...