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  1. A

    Androforte 5

    Anyone used androforte 5 cream before? Is it good? Is it easy to get?
  2. S

    Red Meat (unprocessed)

    What's a healthy amount? I know this is a Lifting forum where every meathead is gonna say "nothing wrong with Red Meat". And I know peeps like @Bazza20; who like to eat a Cow a day, just wipe it's arse cut off its horns and throw it on a plate, but what is a healthy amount. And I know every...
  3. Shrek


    Who's going to win? The Joker should win the mens. I think the womens is wide open. Serina is chasing 22nd GS. The pressure is getting to her and has lost her last 3 GS finals I'm gonna back Simona Halep @ $22. Just a tenner.
  4. WoodyAllen

    We iz all gonna die

    Bacon, sausages, red meat. Everything gives you cancer. That's why vegetarians never get cancer and are immortal. http://www.theage.com.au/world/processed-meats-cause-cancer-and-red-meat-probably-does-too-world-health-organisation-20151026-gkj2pf.html
  5. Neddysmith

    curry laksa

    gonna be making a curry laksa for the first time for dinner tonight, just leaving out the tofu and fish balls, but putting in the chicken and prawns, not sure how it will turn out but goping it will be as awesome as it sounds.... http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/malay-curry-laksa-laksa-lemak
  6. Goosey

    Bruce Lee

  7. J

    Help! Letro legit?

    Has anyone used fempro letro by cipla and can confirm it is legit and pharma grade strength? Trying to reverse some gyno. Thanks :)
  8. Davepuppies

    Blood flow restriction / occlusion training

    Has anyone tried this style of training? it is essentially wrapping the end of a limb (example biceps- wrapped at insertion near shoulder) with a pressure of 6-7/10 then pumping a lighter weight. the wrap allows blood into the muscle, but does not allow it to return. results are extreme...
  9. A

    Pre-Workout Supplement Thread

    What have you guys found that is really good on the market
  10. A


    after some numbers for a t shirt run sizes are as follow half chest s 54cm m 56cm l 58cm xl 62 cm xxl 66cm xxxl 71cm 5xl 79cm prices will be around $10-$12 mark plus postage
  11. OldManMuscle

    Meeting women at the gym?

    It's 7.15 am Sunday. Another beautiful day in Paradise. I'm tucking into a well-earned breakfast after returning from my 24/7 gym where I had my usual morning workout (20+ minutes of cardio, 10+ minutes of abs). There were no men at the gym apart from myself. There were no staff or personal...
  12. OldManMuscle

    Why I'm gonna cheat in bodybuilding in 2013.

    It's 2013 and I'm now 50 years old and training like a machine designed by some freaked out mad scientist who thought Mike Mentzer was a simpleton and Tom Platz was a genius. Lycra-clad gym girls try not to look at me. Guys half my age ask me for advice all the time. I politely tell them I'm not...
  13. taurus

    muscle ups

    hey boys & girls hope youre all well! Im happy with my rope climbing now, can go up and down a couple of times, not using feet at all. i need a new challenge! i have looked up muscle-ups on the interwebs, and have tried with NO success... I will be going at them again this arvo, with alot more...
  14. O

    Ryan Kennelly gonna get raped

  15. T

    any actual bodybuilders here?

    I have to admit, i stumbled upon this site looking for advice, but also a chance to mix it with fellow aussie b/builders and share knowledge, opinions etc. However it seems there are mostly powerlifters or those who lift the iron not for competition or vanity, but rather health or strength? Am i...
  16. Goosey

    A shoulder builder

    The Hepburn press course. Work out 3 times a week. Take a weight, lets use 50kg and perform 3 reps, 5 sets. Keep the same weight but add one more set each workout until you have done 10 sets with the 50kg. This will take you 2 weeks or 6 workouts. Now drop back to 5 sets, 3 reps, but...
  17. M

    Short male bodybuilders

    Being a shorty (5'2"/158cm) I'm taking inspiration from the short guys like Larry Bernstein but there aint too much information available on the internet about him. Being new to the game I dont know who else fits the bill - short male bodybuilders. Any suggestions? Thanks heaps. Apologies too...
  18. R

    What is your take on these supps?

    Quick questions: Whats the difference between taking all aminos and just BCAAs? Has anyone ever tried Tribustol? Do any of you guys know a cheap alternative to Lipo 6? Tried it, loved it, but its far too expensive.