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  1. I

    Test and decca cycle

    Hi am just going to start my third cycle This time I am going to be doing test e and decca Just want feedback on a good dosage cycle Was going to try 500mg test e Decca 400mg Any feedback and help will be so grateful
  2. Stiff 2G

    Rambo: last blood

  3. S

    Sperm Smoothie?… UK Based Woman Reveals That’s Her Source Of Energy Every Morning

    29 year mum-of-two and vegetarian, Tracy Kiss, has revealed that drinking what she calls ‘sperm smoothies’ has boosted both her mood and immunity. Donated by her male best friend, who harvests it and delivers it to her up to three times a week, she preserves the sperm by storing it in tubs in...
  4. S

    Diet and Weight Loss | The best diet plan and natural ways of weight loss

    I want to speak on the topic ‘health is wealth’. In the modern time, where pollution, global warming, and other environmental issues have covered us, the importance of health and fitness has increased to a great extent. We need to be more physically healthy and fit to win the current...
  5. Big Mick

    Who Actually Lifts?

    Would be interesting to know how many of the members here actually lift weights?? By some of the responses to posts on here, it becomes apparent that some people do not have a clue about weight training. Do they still train? Or do we have people here that just come to the forum to kill some...
  6. S

    Oztropin hgh

    Has anyone here seen or used oztropin? I can get my hands on it but can’t find any info on the net about it and worried it’s garbage. Apparently comes from a biochem in Melbourne but just want to see if anyone knows anything about it
  7. Cum Shot


    Who here has run MK677? Results? Likes? Dislikes?
  8. Shrek

    John Cena’s Hard Nocks Gym

  9. S

    Worldgym Southside (Brisbane)

    Anyone been or train there? Have seen a few pics, looks impressive.
  10. WoodyAllen

    335kg deadlift. Wait. No. Its a raw bench press.

    Kirill Sarychev. Raw bench. Pretty clean reps. No bench shirt? Tick. Decent judging? Tick. Spotters not helping? Tick. Proper weights and equipment? Tick. Natty? Um, prolly not. But dayyyyham. Thats a good bench.
  11. spartacus

    1082.5kg raw total. Kirill Sarychev, including 320kg bench press

  12. A

    Your Guide to Who’s Competing in the 2016 CrossFit Games: Male Individuals

    The holy grail of CrossFit is upon us. The 2016 CrossFit Games are where 40 of the fittest men and women in the world will go head to head to compete for the ultimate title of the Fittest on Earth. These athletes have poured their blood, sweat and tears into training over the past year. They’ve...
  13. Fadi

    You've never see this before!

    Poor fellow had to lift it again!
  14. J

    Dana Linn Bailey

    So come on, who here thinks she is hot? Ive got a real fetish for her right now, not too sure why! Love watching her vids, but fuck me her husband is a dick head.
  15. AnneJordan

    Intro so my profile isnt deleted !

    HI, I have been a member too long reading and not posting so I have to post to stay active! Call me Anne, 24yo Female. Darwin Lifting on and off since 2012. Joined to read threads and learn. There is alot I do not know but from reading threads I can safely say I am not an idiot and know...
  16. Shrek

    Heath Guest Pose

  17. A

    What was something small you changed that made all the difference to your gains?

    What was something small you changed that made all the difference to your gains?
  18. A

    21in arms of Renee Toney

    is it a bloke? is it a woman ?
  19. J

    Mental Health

    Ok this is me testing the waters a bit, seeing no one here will ever meet me. so apparantlly people are trying to be accepting and open minded about mental health, but are they really? I was recently diagnosed with high functioning borderline personality disorder.. and now I feel more alone...
  20. S

    My Marriage related thread

    I think it's time for me to venture down this road with my gf. My problem, how on earth can I save for an engagement ring without the mrs asking me "where is xxx amount gone" we have a mortgage together. I will be using my tax return to help with the purchase (around 3k). I am thinking about...