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  1. F

    Introducing my Fitness Instagram community

    Hello, I wanna share with you my new project. I recently created Instagram profile with username fitnesspowerx There I posting pictures of people with great bodies for inspiration for others and i also giving them chance to get more followers. Currently i have more than 550 follows and looking...
  2. A

    All natural: How Rhonda Purcell became a fitness model and an inspiration for indigen

    All natural: How Rhonda Purcell became a fitness model and an inspiration for indigenous women Game face: Rhonda Purcell. Source: Supplied LATE in 2011, Rhonda Purcell decided she was tired of being overweight, unhealthy and lethargic. “When I was small I was a bit of a tomboy, I was a...
  3. A

    Fitness Inspiration Of The Day – The Best Ripped And Shredded Male Bodies Of 2013!

    All of the guys featured are competitors in Men’s Fitness, Muscle Model or Men’s Physique categories, and/or magazine cover models. The final ranking was based on competition placings, combined with views, likes and comments on the Fit Media Channel. They chose not to feature bodybuilders on...
  4. S

    Home Gym Inspiration Thread

    Post pics of good home gym setups!
  5. chocchillimango

    2013 Inspiration

    Just thought I'd share this (Vol. 1) ... some amazing physiques to get us all inspired to do our best this year good luck everyone :) Bodybuilding.com - Bodies Of Work: Volume 1 PS nice to see a wheelchair BB champ in there too...he's awesome
  6. MaxBrenner

    My Inspiration

    Ladies this might be of some interest for you :) My new blog entry - The BodyEvolution Report: My Inspiration. The Journey of an Amazing Woman.
  7. mocha

    inspiration pics

    anyone you look upto? think has the ideal fit body/you would like to look like? im short and my legs are quite toned.. i would like my torso to be toned like this... wouldnt mind the tan either
  8. K


    Someone posted this on my car clubs forum, thought some of you would enjoy the read. Trust me its worth the read.
  9. T

    Other hobbies and passions?

    outside of bodybuilding what other stuff are you guy and gals into ? i'm a bit of an electronics buff , radio and communications, computers soon became known as the fixit guy , the person everyone brought their stuff to get fixed but in the throw away society we live in most people find it...