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Home Gym Inspiration Thread


New member
Post pics of good home gym setups!






Private Dancer
I recall The Hulk posted up some pics of his home gym in a shed. It was farkink awesome and I was fully jelly.

I didn't do the @ The Hulk quote thing. Thousand apologies.


New member
Great thread. I love looking on-line for inspiration for the ultimate home gym. For me a home gym is not just about the gear, but about incorporating it into your home. I've had gyms on balconies and in garages before, but I've never used them as much as my current set up which is in one of the living rooms of the house. I love walking past my gym now.
Some of the these photo's capture what I want in my next home gym, not the gear (these people obviously don't lift!) but the glass and the proximity to the living areas. The positioning in the house to make the most of the views. Why shouldn't your home gym share the best lookout in the house? Make the glass electric glass (can switch from clear to smoky with the flick of a switch) and these would be perfect spaces.
In my last house my gym was in a living area that was open to the lounge area which was great, I could workout Saturday morning and be near the family in the lounge. I'd like to replicate something like that in the future.

This space particularly gets me hard. I love the glass door like in a hotel.


New member
small, but purpose built room




Elite Member
Some good looking setups here.
Can't wait to get mine started next year.
I plan on fabricating a lot of my own racks and benches for myself so its good to get an idea of what people use the most.


New member

Pretty povvo compared to the above pics, but I can do pretty much all I need with this setup. My weights vest & the Olympic Rings just add those extra options.

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