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  1. Reide

    males do not want to enter this thread. Trust me.

    Is it normal to bleed (as if I'm on my period) after intense exercise? It only happens with certain movements (a great example that comes to mine is if I go on a swing set). The doctor said it's normal to happen but I thought something like that would stop after 6 months or so.
  2. A

    Alex Robibaro’s intense training regime ahead of Olympic Park competition

    Alex Robibaro’s intense training regime ahead of Olympic Park competition Alex Robibaro is ready for the weekend’s bodybuilding competition. International Federation of Bodybuilding champs in Sydney on Sunday West Hoxton resident Alex Robibaro one of 500 competitors Category winners go to...
  3. TrentZor

    Rope intense conditioning

    need a few guys to test this out Things u will need 1. skipping rope 2. Good cushioned supported shoes to jump with 3. A timer (whole routine should take 15-20min) What i need u to do 1. Measure your heart rate before running this 2. Measure it after 3. Note the time u have completed this...
  4. Dancelot

    Rest time between intense cardio sets

    I'm currently doing some cardio after a weight session, like: burpees, Tabata thrusters, box jumps and barbell complexes. Except for the Tabata sets, I rest for 60 seconds between sets. Is this about right or should I adjust it? Aiming for fitness plus some extra fat burn.
  5. K

    Intense Cardio - Please Define!

    Hi all, I was just reading PTC newsletter #37 about 'recreating a new body". Awesome writing. Anyway the newsletter talks about 'intense cardio' 2x a week. What constitutes this? How do you gauge if it's intense? Heart rate? Work rate? Faint? :eek: Examples would be good. Thanks Devante.
  6. V

    Need help with a new routine.

    Hey guys, For the last few months ive been working Arms+Legs one day and Chest,shoulders,back the next. Every day. Im just not seeingthe results that i feel i should be for all the hard work so I think I need a new routine. Can any of you guys plz post links to some good bodybuilding routines &...
  7. V

    Good, Intense, Ab Workouts?

    Lately ive been doing crunches and situps every day but they are starting to not do it for me. ie i can do over 200 reps before my abs start to kill and im becoming bored with them lol. Can anyone reccommend some intense ab workouts where i will only have to do 10-20 reps? Thanks I was...