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  1. S

    Which Federation

    I competed in my first novice comp over the weekend and had a blast, didn't realise how fun they day was going to be. Now I've tasted it, I wouldnt mind trying some real comps and as I've never really looked into it, there are obviously a lot of federations to choose from. My coach on the day...
  2. U

    HGH: what are people’s thoughts on it. Is it worth doing. Results?

    Hi everyone. Just wanting to know if it’s worth doing. I currently have joint pains especially when I start doing weights on the lower side of heavy. I’ve been doing physio exercises and it’s not asif I don’t know how to train properly. So if it’s worth trying please to let me...
  3. WoodyAllen

    Kimberley Walford expelled from the IPF

    In case some have not heard, Kimberley Walford, 6 time women's IPF Open Raw World Champion, has been "released" by the IPF. As in, kicked out. Hey, mebbe she can go join PA. Wun minnit Gaston kicks out an entire nation of lifters (plus his nemesis, Robert Wilks who fought hard to clean up the...
  4. J

    Injuries and recovery - peptides

    Is there anything that can benefit recovery / soreness or is it all just advertising bullshit? I'm on the wrong side of 40 now and really struggling with joint soreness - knees, elbows, shoulders constantly fkn hurt, insides of elbows between elbow and wrist get bullshit sore. Starting to really...
  5. Big Mick

    Power lifting Feds

    So at a quick glance we have - Power Lifting Australia, - Australian Drug Free Power Lifting Federation - CAPO Power Lifting - Oceana Power Lifting - GPC Australia There is probably more:confused: So if one was interested in competing where the fuck would you go and which association...
  6. S

    Wanted: 2X 20kg Weight Plates (Rubber Coated)

    My work gym has a total of 177.5kg in plates and I'm close to deadlifting the lot and want to progress further. I can either join a gym or pay for some more weight, work won't pay unfortunately so looking at adding 2 extra 20kg plates. Cheapest I have found is $70 per plate.
  7. A

    Join in the 2017 transformation

    So with the warmer weather upon us , the new years just 8 days ago , was your resolution to get fit , lose a few kilos , pack on some muscle? If so join in on the Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding 2017 Transformation Challenge. It is open to all transformations: Fat to Thin, Scrawn to Brawn...
  8. Goosey

    Pre-fatigue discussion

    We know what it is. when we do multi joint movements the smaller muscle fatigue before there is any real inroad to fatigue of the larger muscleture in the exercise, hence doing multiple sets. as an example; (primary larger muscle) the press; (triceps) pre fatigue the delt's with a lateral...
  9. S

    Lifting as we Age

    I seriously intend to be doing this as long as I'm alive. To me, lifting is a part of Healthy lifestyle, both physically and psychologically. Unless my joints give out I'll be Squatting, Deadlifting, Pressing, Chinning and Dipping. I may not do things like Barbell Rows as I feel they irritate...
  10. S

    The Real Science of Squat Depth - t nation article

    "The ideal squat ends around parallel. This puts sarcomeres in a position to produce the most tension and force. Admittedly, a majority of research studies suggest deep squats are more effective and healthier on the joints than partial squats or parallel squats. These results are to be expected...
  11. Neddysmith

    Melbourne Burger Joints.

    So lately for some reason i have been following a instagram site called burgersofmelbourne, there are some epic burger places around, which i think i am going to start to visit a few. First place on the list might be ----> Dandenong Pavillion...
  12. A

    What are the biggest mistakes that you made when you started powerlifting?

    What are the mistakes that you made and what would you have done differently?
  13. A

    what is your weak spot in the gym?

    Is there a certain exercise that doesn't seem to progress, or a muscle group you don't feel is getting stronger? And do you have a plan to address it?
  14. Jungnaut

    Slow Eccentrics for DL or Pendlay Rows a no-no?

    So we have been dis-cussing how useful the eccentric part of the rep is for most exercises. By most I mean exercises that primarily move single joints and definitely some compounds too. On the other side of the coin I am sure there are a few exercises where slow eccentrics would not be...
  15. L

    input on this routine

    Can I get some input on this routine doing this as a/b program 4 times a week no squats or dead lifts bad hip/ lower back Leg press3x8 Sldl3x8 Calves raise leg press3x12 Ohp3x6 Db side raise3x10 Rear Flys3x10 Cgp3x6 Bench3x6 Incline db press3x8 BB rows3x8 Rack pulls3x8 Chins3xmax BB...
  16. A

    Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello join Hulk Hogan in the ring: Raw, March 24,

  17. M

    INJURY List

    Hi all, Thought I would list the injuries I have ahd since i started training.. These are since I started a little over 2 years ago (could be why i never did anything physical before) :) 3 Months after I started thought i would try lunges Pulled a muscle, legs out of action for a bit. 6...
  18. Shrek


    Howdy, Lately I've been smashing the dips. I've been doing them first up when strength levels are high. My question is how do you warm up? I can't just use BW because it's like doing a working set straight up. I put my feet on floor and and take some weight off but it sux?:mad: How do you warm up?
  19. B

    Join us on Facebook too!

    Hey All, We know not everyone loves or is on Facebook but if you are jump on and check out our pages - Bioflex Supps and our Fan Page Bioflex Nutrition. Like on here @ Ausbb we will be running competitions, promotions, exclusive news and a chance to have your say. Hope to see you all on there...
  20. P


    I turn 50 in August - was a gym rat in my late 20's to mid 30's. Made a comeback to gym in December 2010 - I have been careful to slowly increase weights, in small increments, high reps (aiming for max 10, min 8). Now on split routines. Recently developed what I think is sciatica - weird as it...