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  1. Shrek

    Sergey Kulaev

  2. A

    Kai wins best bodybuilder personality award.

  3. Shrek

    The Chronicles of King Kai

  4. A

    Kai Greene's shape from 2015's Mr. Olympia prep

    BKdlKrMhbrG officialkaigreeneNot going to lie, there's a part of me that does miss being on stage but then there is another part of me that edges towards limitless possibilities for us all. The Entire Industry. This movement is bigger than just me... I want the entire world to know the meaning...
  5. Shrek

    Kai - Leg Workout

    Gotts say he does possess some crazy wheels. He certainly loves his leg extensions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XNwJYmpAFc
  6. Shrek

    ASC Brazil

    IFBB Pro Mens Bodybuilding Competitor List 1 Cody Montgomery USA 2 Juan Morel USA 3 Lionel Beyeke France 4 Josh Lenartowicz Australia 5 Justin Compton USA 6 Kai Greene USA 7 Vitaly Fateev Russia 8 Ronny Rockel Germany
  7. Shrek

    Arnold Classic 2016

    Competitors 2016 Arnold Classic (13) Fouad Abiad Evan Centopani Maxx Charles Justin Compton Tony Freeman Kai Greene Johnnie Jackson Josh Lenartowicz Cedric McMillan Cody Montgomery Juan Morel Branch Warren Lukas Wyler
  8. Shrek

    "Kai Greene Show "South Korea""

  9. A

    kai greene releases a comic book

    p/8kzTDFTV8k Today I showcase to the World, A world that has been Alive in my mind for years. A world I have expressed through my many routines, At times mocked & ridiculed, Not knowing their true meaning of depiction, Through my many sketches in creation, At times to be defined by the outside...
  10. A

    Kai Greene banned 2015 Mr. Olympia

    It's official! Kai Greene has been BANNED from the 2015 Mr. Olympia. Find out WHY => http://www.flexonline.com/ifbb/kai-greene-out-olympia
  11. White_Lie

    Olympia 2015

    So the Olympia is quickly approaching. Hot off the press is a standoff with Kai Greene currently not being able to compete. Details are here but I imagine as Kai says in the video, there's more than meets the eye...
  12. A

    Kai Greene - A Day in the Life Full Bodybuilder Documentary

  13. Shrek

    Mr.Olympia PHIL HEATH - UNCENSORED (NPC-Frank Sepe)

    4 Time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath Interview. Interview by Frank Sepe (NPC NEWS ONLINE EDITOR IN CHIEF) Discusses - Kai Greene, Haters, Fans, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Judging criteria, retirement, Olympia Preparation, Gifted nutrition ,retirement, Janet Layug, FMG, & more
  14. Shrek

    Mr Olympia 2015

    Qualified Men's Open Standings http://mrolympia.com/2015/
  15. A

    Rare Interview - Phill Heath & Kai Greene

    Rare interview of Phil Heath and Kai Greene before the 2012 Sheru Classic. Rare as in referencing the cordialness of the interview between the two athletes!
  16. A

    Kai Greene in 1999

  17. Puggy

    Kai talks Bodybuilding - Interesting Video.

    This was on the 'Gym Memes' facebook page. Thought it was a interesting watch. Sums up a lot about the ego lifting you see with bad form. And even minute changes can change how heavy and precise you are when contracting the muscle. Weightlifter vs Bodybuilder differences...
  18. A

    Phil and Kai Comparisons

  19. A

    Kai Green on stage (age 20)

  20. A

    Kai Greene and Dorian Yates Train Back [Full Video]