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  1. Big Mick


    Veganism is bad for the environment. Discuss
  2. WoodyAllen

    Ban Keto!!

  3. S

    Oztropin hgh

    Has anyone here seen or used oztropin? I can get my hands on it but can’t find any info on the net about it and worried it’s garbage. Apparently comes from a biochem in Melbourne but just want to see if anyone knows anything about it
  4. A

    90 year old man in sandals does 24 pull-ups on his birthday

    When was the last time you did pull-ups for fun, let alone on your birthday? Well, 90-year-old Vern from Florida recently put us all to shame when his son recorded him doing pull-ups on his birthday. According to his son, the two regularly go to the gym together to work out despite Vern's old...
  5. Fadi

    Mr. Islam

    Truly awesome!
  6. S

    Muhammad on life support as Doctors warn "the end is near"

    "The children of the sporting icon have rushed to be at his bedside as doctors treating the former heavyweight champ have told them they fear he “is near the end”. Already four of the 74-year-old’s nine children, including daughters Laila, Hana and Maryum, are at the hospital in the Phoenix area...
  7. A

    I wanna die young, hopefully before i’m 40″ – 15 year old steroid abusing kid causes

    I wanna die young, hopefully before i’m 40″ – 15 year old steroid abusing kid causes I WANNA DIE YOUNG, HOPEFULLY BEFORE I’M 40″ – 15 YEAR OLD STEROID ABUSING KID CAUSES OUTRAGE IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY, DELETES HIS SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS AND DISAPPEARS! American teenager Bignattydaddy gained...
  8. A

    Jon Andersen: From Fat Kid to Professional Bodybuilder

  9. A

    Munchie tuesdays - Best Foods and Tricks for Dining Out

    What are your favorite places to get food when dining out? What are your go-to meals when eating out with friends? Have any tips/tricks to share with everyone?
  10. A

    Schwarzenegger- Total Rebuild- 1980 Mr. Olympia- OldSchool BodyBuilding Documentary

    Arnold bowed out of the world of professional bodybuilding in 1975 very much on a high. During his decade of dominance (including 6 Mr. Olympia titles) he had re-invented the sport and inspired a new generation of elite athletes to compete in his wake. After his famous 6th title, where he was...
  11. A

    Before Arnold Schwarzenegger was the 'Terminator'

  12. A

    Why is it called a “medicine ball”?

    Medicine balls, for those of you who haven’t been to a gym or never accidentally kicked one thinking it was like a soccer ball (true story), are heavy weighted balls coming in a variety of sizes and weights (with the biggest we could find ringing in at a whopping 150 pounds) with a diverse range...
  13. steveP

    The movie heads-up thread

    I started this thread on another forum that doesn't get used anymore. So I'm restarting it here. I was thinking that there are a fair decent amount movies and documentaries on Free TV. Most people probably miss a lot of what's on due to the free-to-air TV guide being a bit tricky to...
  14. El Testicle

    Ask Uncle Test-E ***NSFW***

    Going through puberty? No-one understands you man? Want to off you mother-in-law, but afraid of the legal implications? Ask Uncle Test-E anything. This is the thread where you can let it all hang out. No one will (openly) judge you here kunce...
  15. A

    Strongest Kid In The World! *Amazing*

    do a bit of scouting around on vine as some of those vids are dead set funny , when i came across this http://www.vinecrown.com/p/eQRTWnGMOe
  16. 0ni


    Thread where all off-rail discussions can be discussed without derailing whatever thread it's brought up in
  17. A

    Fat kid to bodybuilder: busted with 61 years' worth of steroids

    Bodybuilder Brenton Dowell busted with 61 years' worth of steroids
  18. gixxerdims

    Power cleaning....a kid

    Serves the little fuck right. YouTube - See what happens when kids who are bullied have had enough!!!
  19. A

    [Movie] Karate kid ,09/10

    Watched the new karate kid movie with Will smiths kid. When i first heard about this movie getting remade i refused to watch it on the basis of how could they remake a classic and the only reason it was getting made was to get will smiths kid a start in the movie industry So i caved in and...
  20. J

    Normal Kid meets a Powerlifter

    nppzGV1U8y8 I figured this sub forum is the best place for this. FARKEN LOL!