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  1. M

    Is this Pfizer Genotropin pen fake? Instagram influencer says it's pharma grade.

    A famous sydney instagram fitness influencer told me he can sell me pharmagrade hgh (Not naming names). I'm just wondering if based on the pictures that this is a legit genotropin pen from Pfizer as he said he used it himself for his competition. Theres arabic writing on the top of the pen. Any...
  2. J

    Legit steroid website ??

    Hi their family, Can anyone tell me of an actual legit website in Australia to get anabolics? It sux ausjuice arnt around anymore and just found out eliteozpharma are from UK so it takes a while for arrival. So with all the others out their that are scams can someone do me a solid and point me...
  3. G

    SARMS Australia

    Does anyone know if SARMS Australia (sarmsaustralia.com.au) are legit? They seem to be the only place in Australia advertising completely legal sarms, but they don't respond to facebook messages or emails which is a bit of a red flag
  4. B

    legit sarms websites?

    looking for legit sarms websites australia
  5. J

    Aus bbq sauce?

    Anyone know any legit sources? most ppl say yeah xxx does the job but most cases they getting diff drugs to what they ordered. Corelabs au looks good and apparently aussteroids legit aswell (the BTC payments puts me off tho), wondering if anyone can share their experience with any of these...
  6. A

    On TRT, needs to source HCG,. Help!

    Hi, I am currently on TRT for Low T but my doctor wont put me on HCG. Can anyone recommend an online store to purchase HCG for this. I have seen austeroids, au-roids and ozgear...but I dont know which is legit and which is not. Thanks
  7. O

    Enhanced pharmaceutical?? Legit

    Anyone heard of or used enhanced pharmaceuticals Have tren a 250 and test e 250 Packaging looked legit but one vial has no label
  8. N


    I'm a bit late but just found out about sarms, has anyone used AussieSarms before ? Are they legit ? Or preferred supplier cheers
  9. Timeah

    500kg wrapped squat.

    And its legit. I cant see anything wrong with it.... First man to do it without a squat suit. Wraps and a Belt. Ultra impressive. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=592993451088910&id=100011347818982 I Guess Andrey Malanichev doesnt get to be the first afterall. :( Sent from my...
  10. T

    Guy asks 100 girls for their numbers, 95 said no hahahah

    Man gets 95 rejections after asking 100 girls for number HAHAHAHA In one instance, he literally begged and asked the same girl about 8 times. He also asked legit 2 and 3/10 girls and was turned down Feel so bad for him though
  11. A

    Is this legit?

    http://www.jao.org.au/obsidiansport-redwhite-nike-romaleos-ii-power-lifting-mens-australia-shoes-76927460-p-3966.html I'm up for a pair of romaleos, this is what Google came back with. I wish/hope it's for real. Anybody have any experience with this trader?
  12. J

    Help! Letro legit?

    Has anyone used fempro letro by cipla and can confirm it is legit and pharma grade strength? Trying to reverse some gyno. Thanks :)
  13. Jungnaut

    Estimating Your Genetic Potential of LBM (Naturally) - Legit?

    I've stumbled across this calculator that gives you an estimate of the "maximum muscular bodyweight and muscular measurements (at roughly 8 to 10% bodyfat) that a drug-free trainee of your structure is likely to attain. It is based on equations I've developed through over 6 years of research and...
  14. B

    Hard Core Workout

  15. A

    casein protein from legit nutrients / Tatura foods

    Hi guys Has anyone tried the casein protein from legit nutrients? I purchased a kilo 3 days ago from eBay and at first I was happy with the product but last night got severe back pain. I suspect it was caused by the protein as nothing else has changed. This morning I tried to contact legit...
  16. F

    Global Anabolics test-300 Legit?

    Hey guys! Apologies for being one of those new members going straight to the steroid section! Been training for 5 years, 91kgs, 12% bf. Second cycle about to commence. Reliable source, but wanting to know if anyone has had experience with GA test-300. Of note, my 10ml vials have a green logo as...
  17. L

    Mmmm Legit or not?

    Got some new products today. Produced by Growth Industrie. It's Sustanon 250 and Masteron in vials. Not used this company before and putting the word out to see if anyone else has?
  18. E

    Legit Gear?

    Hey fellas, just wondering if anyones used black tiger (pic of a black tiger on it) or silverback branded (pic of a gorilla on it) gear? i have some sus 250, enanthate and deca from both brands and unsure whether to give it a go?
  19. 9

    Legit Test Prop & Nolva? (pics)

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has any info/feedback on these 2 different brands of test prop (see pic) and these nolva tablets that came in a plain bag (wtf?). I've 10ml of the organon testabol, and 30mg of the other astra pharmaceuticals or w/e it is. I haven't gotten any Arimidex as...
  20. M

    Legit or not

    Hi ppl I have a couple of sources and I'm not sure if its any good. Any one got any ideas or got good results from this. I'd say iv put on 16 pounds in 10 weeks so that's The only good sing its working I guess. Testobolin 325 keifei Sustanon 250 diamond pharma (fake) How do I post pics