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  1. A

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Asad and joined ausbb forum to interact with guys who likes to hit gym frequently. I am currently in a food business where I sell weight loss prepared meals and its important I stay in touch with my potential customers to understand the market needs and improve my products.
  2. S

    Colgate colluded with rivals and Woolworths to rip you off - KUNTS

    Colgate has been found guilty of conspiring with rivals to manipulate the laundry detergent market. Household name Colgate has been found guilty of conspiring with two rivals and supermarket giant Woolworths to manipulate the laundry detergent market and rip off customers, in what its...
  3. Reide


    For you fitness cert 3 and 4's out there are you finding it hard to get sponsors/shadows/work experience?
  4. J

    Gold Powder By Bionix Nutrition

    Insane Pump on this stuff, best N.O on the market for sure! Great vascularity.
  5. K

    CYBER MARKET bumper plates

    I posted a very similar thread but I thought a more direct titles might get more people to have a look. I really want to know if anyone has used the cyber market bumper plates, the elite and the ones that look like garage gym bumpers. What d you think of them?
  6. Rugby88

    PVL hydroflow XP3

    Any1 tried this? What is the taste like? Found it on sale for fairly cheap and wanting to try something different. http://xtremewarehouse.com.au/869-pvl-hydroflow-xp3.html
  7. A

    Anabolic steroids - an evolving black market

    Good video, William Llewellyn gives a brief history of the sale, distribution and use of anabolic steroids in sport at a satellite meeting of the National Drug Conference held in Cardiff, Wales April 2012.
  8. P

    Best Weight Vest on Aussie Market ?

    There's so many weight vests on ebay and on the market but i reckon if you get a weight vest which isn't comfortable, pinches you somewhere or has some other annoying feature about it, you probably just won't use it at all. Any recommendations ?
  9. B

    MMPR vs HD4 cyber market

    Hi guy's Currently trying to make up my mind between the Muscle Motion power rack from Gym direct, and the HD4 from Cyber Market. I like the sounds of the welded sides and 3mm, but i'm just unsure about the racking style, gun rails vs J hooks. I've never lifted a bar out of anything other...
  10. candyflip

    Betting Market UPDATE - June 30, 2012

    January 2012 Betting Guide was: 4/7 Deep 3/1 pistachio, BigMick, candyflip and anyone else on the Test Booster Trial :) 8/1 Sam Heihei, LMD1234, oldcorollas, KungFooGoo, semillon, unibum, D1cko etc, Drift, Ae86, malceb and assorted low post number peeps. 10/1 Alpha Moth and other pre-pube...
  11. A

    Anyone Actively Follow/Trade the Stock Market??

    Anyone Actively Follow/Trade the Stock Market?? I'm curious to know if anyone actively trades on the stockmarket, or at least follows some stocks. Years ago i got given some shares(AMP) that have sort of let sit there without...
  12. N

    After Market J-Hooks

    I'm after a new set of j-hooks for a power rack. I've found some expensive ones on the aus kettlebells website but if anyone sells em or can point me in the right direction I'd be interested to know...Thanks.