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  1. spartacus

    why is powerlifting not more popular?

    now I know a few on here will be upset, but why is powerlifting not on this list of top 100 sports. http://biggestglobalsports.com/
  2. Reide

    Soap making

    I am thinking of making soap to save money. I know this is really girly but does anyone else do it?
  3. Jungnaut

    Why is my True Protein Strawberry and Vanilla Flavoured WPI Hella Foamy?

    Have you guys noticed how foamy the strawberry&cream and Frenchvanilla flavours for True Protein is? :confused: No foam with the chocolate flavoured WPI, strangely enough. See, I just use one point five scoops, add a dash of water, shake it up like I normally do and it's so foamy its not...
  4. A

    Ausbb Best of 2014 Awards

    Most Helpful User Most Helpful/Informative Post Best Weight Loss Transformation Best Physique/Aesthetics Transformation Most Impressive Achievement Most Insightful Comment
  5. A

    Nominate your May MOTM

    Nominate your May MOTM Dear Ausbb Members, Please name who you feel should be nominated for Ausbb -australian bodybuilding April, 2014 Member of the Month in this thread. Here is a recap of the rules: 1. A nominee must be...
  6. R

    Sperm issues in men and women

    Hi… I just want to know after sexual intercourse, is it necessary that women also have to get the sperm out? I mean if sperm never come out from women, then women have any problem? Does he need to take seek advice from physician? With men is it always happen that they fall sperm, but the...
  7. B

    Tim Sharky Ward

    Sharky Hmmm this guy lacks the charisma though
  8. A

    interesting places in VICTORIA to visit

    interesting places in VICTORIA to visit
  9. A

    interesting places in SOUTH AUSTRALIA to visit

    interesting places in SOUTH AUSTRALIA to visit
  10. Big Mick

    Show us your Home Gym

    I have just spend the last 3-6 months setting up my home gym in the rumpus room of our home, I have luckily kept my old Gym equipment stored away in the back of the garage, my missues been onto me for years to get rid of the rubbish, as she called it from my teenage years. This stuff is old but...