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  1. D

    Rating of Perceived Exertion, RPE: worth using / tracking?

    Does anyone use this, how to use this during a workout? If im aiming at 3 sets of 5 reps... but the weight im supposed to do is too easy, and my rpe is low.... then i bump up the weight to achieve a 9?
  2. Shrek

    The Frog

  3. A

    The Definitive Guide to Bench Press Like a Beast l Stronger in 30 Days

    As part of their new Bench program, Silent Mike and Mark Bell go through a very thorough guide on how to bench, from sitting on the bench, grip, bar path, feet position, all the way to the rerack. Loaded with awesome info.
  4. A

    The Godfather of American Weightlifting - FULL DEPTH w/ Mike Burgene

    The Godfather of American Weightlifting - FULL DEPTH w/ Mike Burgene
  5. Swervyn-Ervyn


    Anyone tried or know of anyone having success with ogus' program, it looks like a higher volume wendler mixed with smolov kinda Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. A

    Mental Jewels | Q & A | Mike Rashid

  7. A

    Dexter Jackson | Dennis James | Mike Rashid Q&A

  8. Goosey

    Mike Tyson - quick, fast and hard

    I remembered why i liked watching this sport so much. He was the best http://thechive.com/2014/01/03/in-case-you-forgot-this-is-why-mike-tyson-was-the-greatest-boxer-in-the-world-at-one-time-video/?utm_source=FBTraffic&utm_medium=littlemac&utm_campaign=CMfacebook
  9. A

    Teaching the Big 3 at Barbell Brigade | Mark Bell, Silent Mike, Jesse Burdick, Katie

    Mark Bell, Silent Mike, Jesse Burdick, and Katie Hogan host a seminar at Barbell Brigade, teaching and answering questions about the squat, bench press, and deadlift.
  10. Shrek

    IFBB Pro Legend - MIGHTY MIKE QUINN - Speaks!!

  11. A

    SuperTraining at The Mecca Gold's Gym Venice with Charles Glass

    Mark Bell and Silent Mike get crushed by Charles Glass in a chest workout wherein they learn many new bodybuilding techniques to get more Jacked & Tan.
  12. A

    Chris Duffin - How to Squat

    In this episode, Chris Duffin revamps Silent Mike's skwaat, and teaches him some warmup and prehab/rehab exercises to improve his positioning and keep him in one piece as they work up to a few heavy doubles and singles after a big deadlift workout the previous day.
  13. Neddysmith

    Mike Tyson Knockout compilation - All 44

  14. A

    50 Years of Pull Ups: A Story About Mike Joplin

    FULL article In the mid 1960’s a young US NAVY medic named Mike Joplin was stationed in Puerto Rico (Roosevelt Roads: aka – Roosey Roads). Like most young men, he craved the attention of beautiful women, and he got it, but for the wrong reasons. At a mere 155 pounds and at 6’1 height, he was...
  15. A

    Mike Tyson advertising Glory Kickboxing "best of UFC and Boxing combined"

    I came across this link the other day while covering the Stiverne vs Wilder fight. Spoke to some people about it and how I thought it was weird that Tyson would advertise another sport. Apparently it has an average of about 50% of fights ending in a KO and is decent to watch. It kind of makes...
  16. Goosey


    http://youtu.be/EGcVb3wBL_Q this is how I workout mostly when using machines, I'm using machines more often now. 1. you can see perfect form 2. Pre-fatiguing 3. Perfect use on the smith 4. Incredibly high heart rate 5. Going to fatigue
  17. Rugby88

    Mike Tyson Training and Diet

    At the age of 16 Mike’s father died, thankfully the legendary boxing coach Cus D’Almato took him in and nurtured him as a son. At that age Mike was bigger than most of his peers, weighing between 80 – 90 kilos. When he started training for boxing and weightlifting, he followed a strict...
  18. Shrek

    Words from Mike Matarrazzo (RIP)

    Some should really take note of this.
  19. A

    Size, Strength, Steroids and Getting Jacked & Tan w/ Mark Bell and Silent Mike of Sup

    Size, Strength, Steroids and Getting Jacked & Tan w/ Mark Bell and Silent Mike of Sup Size, Strength, Steroids and Getting Jacked & Tan w/ Mark Bell and Silent Mike of Super Training
  20. A

    IFBB Pro Mike Morris | Discussing (the dark side of) Bodybuilding

    IFBB Pro bodybuilder Mike Morris discusses the dark side of bodybuilding in a candid interview. Shares his stories of drugs, narcotics in bodybuilding, gay for pay, steroids dosages and more