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  1. A

    What is the cheapest, yet delicious, meal you've made?

    What is the cheapest, yet delicious, meal you've made?
  2. Repacked

    Choc Mint WPC

    Damn...Choc Mint flavour is no longer an option for protein, is this permanent Bulk Nutrients;?
  3. Drifter

    Quest Bar Review(s)

    I'm trialling these as an on the move meal replacement / snack and also a craving satisfier. Only have apple pie so far but have put in an order for a few more flavours. Apple Pie Protein 20g Carbs 24gDietary Fibre 18g Sugars 3g Calories 170 Smell: 10/10. Great! Smells like an apple pie...
  4. B

    April promo - free 1kg bag of our NEW Choc Mint!

    The whole 1 kilo bag is yours with an order of $250 or more for the month of April. A $250 order not quite necessary this month? No problem, we will still throw in a sample of our all new choc mint WPI in all orders under. We just really want you to try our new version of this compared to...
  5. B

    Revised Choc Mint coming soon

    Hi Guys. Within a few weeks we will have our long awaited replacement mint flavouring coming in. For those who are customers that tried the original choc mint it was some what of a story, in short we were not able to get the mint flavour we originaly trialed (and did all our testing on) and...
  6. M

    Professional Whey - Cacao Mint

    I'm reviewing PW's Cacao Mint today. As many of you may or may not know, PW have sold unflavored protein for quite some time and they are very big on being organic and natural etc. They used to sell just unflavoured protein and organic flavouring + sweetener (and still do). Now they have also...
  7. M

    No Bull Supplements - Choc Mint

    I'll start off first by saying thank you to No Bull for the super quick postage and great prices on WPI! I'll be giving my opinion here on the Choc Mint WPI, just to give others the best description I can. I'll use the basic format most others have used in their reviews. Mixability - I found...
  8. B

    Choc Mint now available for WPI and WPC

    After much testing and a bit of a delay in getting our new flavour, we are now offering Choc / Mint in both WPI and WPC. Our existing flavours are already very popular however with many customers looking for a bit of variety we thought offering a few more was a good thing. The testing was done...