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Professional Whey - Cacao Mint



I'm reviewing PW's Cacao Mint today. As many of you may or may not know, PW have sold unflavored protein for quite some time and they are very big on being organic and natural etc.

They used to sell just unflavoured protein and organic flavouring + sweetener (and still do). Now they have also released their own pre-flavoured, completely natural and organic proteins.

The Cacao mint New Zealand WPC is what I will review now -

Smell - Choc Peppermint here, exactly like a peppermint chocolate. Full points for being spot on here.

Taste - With 150-200ml of water -Wow, much better than when I was buying the cacao seperately and mixing it all up myself with stevia for a sweetener. It's pretty mellow, the peppermint complements the cacao and nothing really overpowers one another.

Consistency - It's actually quite thick, unlike some proteins that are very watery with water!

Mixability - No issues here, I have one of those little ball thingy's in the shaker and it does the job.

Overall - This is surprisingly good for something completely organic, free from any artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners. Price wise it's a little more than some other protein re-sellers like Protein Direct and Nobull Supplements. However, I really like that it's free of any artificial stuff, especially when you take 2-3 serves a day.

Also, the cacao is meant to be packed hard with antioxidants, which is yet another positive. I'd urge others to try it out if they are interested in a truly organically flavored and sweetened protein that does taste awesome.
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Their stuff is awesome. It's extremely high quality across the whole range.

The NZ WPI is amazing. Makes awesome protein fluff!! So does the Micellar Casein.

The cacao they source is raw, organic and sustainably farmed in Peru. It's very high quality and minimally processed. Really good.

The vanilla is great too.