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  1. S

    How many eggs should you eat in a week.

    12 according to new research. http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/diet/this-is-how-many-eggs-you-can-eat-in-a-week/news-story/25d561d2cec6ba376d8bd170b8b43bce Doesn't say what happens if you eat more than that? I have 6 per day!
  2. I

    ? A New Era Of Gym Shoes | We bring you Titan II and Orion Genesis. ?

    Hi AUSBB - We are more than excited to announce five NEW additions to the Iron Tanks lifting shoe family. After a culmination of 5 years refinement, we have reached the apex of function and aesthetic. We are offering a one-time only $20 gift voucher for those who would like to pre order and...
  3. Shrek


    What leads someone to share a nude selfie with a virtual stranger? 'I would sleep with a knife under my bed': The reality of living with sextortion - ABC News https://apple.news/ASW4SKyE6Q-OZ1xsIRB6UAg
  4. Shrek

    "The Death of Women's Bodybuilding | All Ms. Olympia Winners Compilation (1980-2014)"

    "The Death of Women's Bodybuilding | All Ms. Olympia Winners Compilation (1980-2014)" https://youtu.be/O-ox6hZKczg
  5. I

    MASSIVE STOCKTAKE SALE! ?*30% Off Storewide! 3 Days Only! Check it out*?

    MASSIVE STOCKTAKE SALE! ?*30% Off Storewide! 3 Days Only! Check it out*? Hey AusBB! It's that time of year again! We're offering a rare 30% Off storewide discount code. That's everything for 3 days only! Click HERE to check it all out or the image below. Don't miss out on this one! Take a...
  6. Big Mick

    Multivitamin Discussion

    Do you take them?? If yes which ones, if no why not?? Any research or opinions of why and why not. I currently take Cenovis Men's Multi Performance. Why?? Just in case, I do miss it often and will go without taking it for a while. Don't notice any difference if I take it and don't take it...
  7. Goosey

    Got a smoke?

    We who lift, do have OCD tendencies. who here likes a smoke? i enjoy one now and again, although highly addictive, I'm lucky enough to be able to enjoy one now and again with a beer. i like the Turkish blend
  8. Neddysmith

    Online Butchers anyone use em?

    As the titles says. Does anyone here use any online butchers for ordering their meat. We had a great butcher but recently he sold out and since then that butcher has gone way down hill in quality and way uphill on price, also a few other butchers I have been going to have been very hit and...
  9. kaz

    [Tv] Game of Thrones Season 5 **SPOILERS*

    Coming to Foxtel Monday 13th April!
  10. A

    Lovemaking and yoga and contortion

    Yoga and contortion can give you a lot of benefits and especially when you're doing it with your partner. There are some "unwritten" rules. First of all your partner normally should be your assistant. You should be his or hers. Any new exercise that he or she will assist you will be very...
  11. Fadi

    Don’t miss the opportunity to know…

    …to know what? To know which muscles are involved when performing a particular exercise. All of us take some time off during a year’s training. And most, if not all of us waste a great opportunity to find out which muscles are worked by some particular exercise.There is a reason for that (I’ll...
  12. A

    Is functional training better than Crossfit?

    IT’S got a legion of celebrity fans including Nicole Richie and Ricky Martin and now this fitness training style is garnering a cult following across the country. High intensity interval training (HIIT) are the exercise buzzwords of the moment. New scientific research...
  13. A

    50 Women Answer ‘What Goes Through Your Head While Giving A Blowjob?

    50 Women Answer ‘What Goes Through Your Head While Giving A Blowjob? These answers are hilarious... 1. PureGabe: “Does he like it?” 2. doctorjwatson: “Wow, my jaw hurts.” 3. springplum: “Why is sex so short but this takes so damn long?” 4. imactuallyagirl: ‘I wish I could breathe...
  14. 0ni

    Critique my glutes

    As the title suggests i am having troubles when i squat my knees come in. Am i right in thinking that the glutes are pretty strong external rotators and if my knees are coming in its more me not using my glutes when im squatting than a weakness in the glutes? Whats the best cue for squatting...
  15. spartacus

    CAPO legends: Laurie Butler

    CAPO has many of Australia's past and present greatest powerlifters. Here I feature Laurie Butler. Laurie Butler’s powerlifting career is simply outstanding. Laurie placed second in the 1988 IPF world championships (Perth, Australia) in the 90kg division with a 845kg total, including a 330kg...
  16. A

    Andy Schleck will miss the next Tour de France

    Andy Schleck looks set to miss the Tour de France after suffering a broken vertebrae, according to reports. The RadioShack-Nissan rider, considered a major rival for Britain's Bradley Wiggins, crashed during the fourth stage time trial in the Critérium du Dauphine on 7 June. According to the...
  17. chocchillimango

    Games hopeful: $5000 now or I quit and you all miss the Olympics

    Can you believe this? Freaking shameful. I wonder what on earth prompted this insane behaviour??? Games hopeful: $5000 now or I quit and you all miss the Olympics
  18. 0ni


  19. mocha

    what you think of implants

    i know most guys dont like them... but what if they didnt look fake? I think ive seen heaps of jobs that look pretty natural what do you guys think of this girls boob job.. i like em before and after pics attached
  20. Zink

    Thoughts on Zyzz?

    First off, I know a lot you disagree with his videos and antics, who cares about all that. His physique was impressive, is it possible for an ectomorph to get it naturally? I personally don't think he's 'big', but it would be awesome to have that physique none the less. I guess his body fat was...