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  1. Stiff 2G

    AUSBB's Dad's Army

    Let's face it, most of us are on the wrong side of 45, 50 for some you like Shrek. We've had enough sex ( yes Grunta you have). We've got nothing to look forward to except impotence, incontinence and dementia. I say we make our lives mean something. We sacrifice ourselves for the greater good -...
  2. Stiff 2G

    Rambo: last blood

  3. Shrek

    [Movie] Terminator 6

  4. C

    Drugs in CrossFit

    Is it true that drugs are heavily abused in CrossFit?
  5. Darkoz

    Theme form the movie Fifth Element

    The song in the movie The Fifth Element sung by an alien opera singer was computer synthesized as it was thought not possible for a person to actually sing it. This Chinese opera singer with an extraordinary vouce performs it live. Watch it right through. (Sorry I have no idea how to embed the...
  6. Shrek

    New Arnold movie

  7. A

    Awesome movie on Highland games and stones

    There are few places on earth as intimately tied to historic feats of strength as the Highlands of Scotland. There are countless stories of local warriors and clansmen training for battle. Of castle bodyguards proving their strength by carrying heavy weights over long distances. An often cited...
  8. Headley


    wtf is T3? Someone said it was like hydroxycut and metabolises the body. I have NFI what T3 is?
  9. Neddysmith

    Any have a Android Media Box Kodi/XMBC or similar?

    OK Ausbb geeks, a mate told me about this "magic" media box he has and can bascially stream anything he wants which includes PPV any movie or TV show he wants etc etc, all for about $100 upfront cost and no ongoing subs. Any of you kunce got one or can school me on it, seems to be a ripper...
  10. A

    What song it on your running playlist that you would be somewhat embarrassed to revea

    What song it on your running playlist that you would be somewhat embarrassed to reveal to your friends?
  11. Headley

    Last movie watched

    Hey guys (not sure if this thread has been done before) What was the last movie you watched and what was it like? Last one i watched was Office Space, a comedy about some IT programmers screwing over their employer because it is a bad environment. Has lots of subtle, clever humor and is pretty...
  12. A

    That movie with kids on BMXs and the friendly alien...

    which they help get back into space? No, not that one, the other one. http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/ ... zssxq.html
  13. steveP

    The movie heads-up thread

    I started this thread on another forum that doesn't get used anymore. So I'm restarting it here. I was thinking that there are a fair decent amount movies and documentaries on Free TV. Most people probably miss a lot of what's on due to the free-to-air TV guide being a bit tricky to...
  14. A

    Kai Greene OVERKILL Bodybuilding Movie

  15. A

    Power Unlimited Full Movie (Powerlifting Movie)

    A documentary about the origins and history of Powerlifting, includes Larry Pacifico, Ed Coan, Kirk Karwoski, Scott Cartwright, Scott Mendelsohn , Dave Waddington and Garry Frank. Power Unlimited - YouTube
  16. A

    The Evolution Of Bodybuilding - Full Documentary - Full Movie.

    The Evolution Of Bodybuilding - Full Documentary - Full Movie. The Evolution Of Bodybuilding - Full Documentary - Full Movie. - YouTube
  17. jj80

    Armwrestling movie - "Pulling John"

    I just watched this and it was very entertaining, highly recommend it if you have an hour and a bit to spare. Pulling John 2009 full movie - YouTube From a strength training perspective it's interesting too. Look at the world champ John Brzenk - an unassuming man. He was world champ for 25...
  18. L

    snowboard movie teaser "UNIQUE 8"

  19. L

    Movie trailers

    First one of the 3 movies from the Hobbit out for christmas The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Movie Trailers - iTunes Mila Jovitch resident evil:retribution out sept14 in 3d Resident Evil: Retribution - Movie Trailers - iTunes Judge Dredd in 3d and september release Dredd - Movie...
  20. coaltrain

    Best one liner movie EVER.

    What's your pick of the best one liner movie and give us a quote. For me, it's a hands down, no contest Full metal jacket. Sgt; Do you suck dick, private? Pvt Pyle: Sir no sir! Sgt: Buuulshit! I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, ******! Sgt. Hartman: Im gonna give you...