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  1. A

    Do You Run Without Music?

    Do You Run Without Music?
  2. A

    Those of you who have switched to a home Gym, how's it working out?

    Those of you who have switched to a home Gym, how's it working out?
  3. Fadi

    Mr. Islam

    Truly awesome!
  4. Nikko

    What can't you train without ??

    Music and lifting lifting straps on heavy dead days
  5. Nikko

    What music do you like to train too??? And why???

    Metal or hard core techno gets the blood pumping
  6. A

    If you run/ ride/ walk/ swim alone, without music or other media in your ears, what k

    If you run/ ride/ walk/ swim alone, without music or other media in your ears, what kind of stuff goes on in your head?
  7. A

    [Music] We all have guilty pleasure music... Tell usme which songs are yours!

    We all have guilty pleasure music... Tell us which songs are yours!
  8. A

    For those that run with music - a question

    Do you make your own playlists or use an app? Do you tailor your playlist to suit the BMP/pace that you run at?
  9. A

    What makes a gym "hardcore"?

    What qualities do you think make a gym hardcore? This can be anything from the music to the equipment to more intangible qualities.
  10. Chrisso

    Name Your Favourite Pod Casts (Music)

    Hey Guys, Name your favourite Podcasts you pump while training weather it be weights or cardio, at the moment im into the NeverHome Pod Casts The Dirty Sessions,
  11. Yoloswagscope

    Recommend me new music

    As I grow up my tastes in music change more and more. In my teenage years I listened to mostly metal, but now I'm really starting to appreciate different music ranging from Michael Jackson, to Disturbed. Here's a couple of my favorite songs at the moment, could anybody recommend more...
  12. A

    Kali Muscle - MONEY AND MUSCLE {Official Music Video} (Explicit)

  13. A

    Die Hard - Music Video - NEW 4th Verse!

  14. Russell Coight

    The Random Great Song Thread

    Just had a thought, we need a random great song thread. Something not many may have heard of preferably, just random great tracks you've come across.
  15. aQuilla

    Music Meditation

    I actually have posted this in some forums as well but would like to want to know your views and opinions about music that induces better meditation. This website says that you can enhance your psychic ability and other stuffs like mental toughness and mind control while listening to this...
  16. A

    What's your favorite type of music?

    What's your favorite type of music?
  17. Goosey

    New wave music (80's)

    Disco was the rage. But "new wave" re-launched the pub band circuit. The Sports - Who Listens To The Radio (1978) - YouTube
  18. A

    Piracy Advert Used Stolen Music

    Piracy Advert Used Stolen Music Quote:
  19. A

    [Music] Music Covers Good and/or bad

    I know we have a Post your YouTube thread, but I thought having one specifically for music videos would be good So show us your music covers good bad or indifferent.
  20. S

    Music That Gets You Pumped In The Gym!

    Post up music on your Mp3 that gets you pumped! Till I collapse - Eminem Illmerica - wolfgang gartner this ones sick - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRX2bx3LHkw I Want It All - We Will Rock You (MashUp ft. Armageddon aka Geddy)