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    can't fix my f-cked up body...

    don't know what to do any more my upper back is so fucked up with my thoracic nerve. no muscle has ever grown there no matter what exercise and can't really do any upper body exercises. my lower body is overgrown and holds all the fat.
  2. T

    Weird Feeling In Arm

    I'm not sure where to put this sorry but when I use a bar to do squats my left arm starts to get tingly and sore probably about 2 sets in. I was wondering is that normal and why it happens?
  3. Shrek

    Single arm bench press

    Single arm bench. Good for variety or not worth it?
  4. El Testicle

    Recomp kunce

    As the title states brosephs... All things Recomp. I'm a fat kunce. Not being able to apply myself fully just yet (almost there) hasn't helped. Damn nerve damage... Anyways, I want to hear from any former fat kunce who've successfully done a recomp. I'm not talking a cut and bulk, I mean a...
  5. BrisVegasGhost

    Right hand nerve and tendon damage. The road to recovery begins.

    This is the damage bill: Multiple injuries to wrist structure % damaged -FCR 100% -Radial vessels 100% -FPL 100% -Median Nerve 100% -FDS 100% -FDP 60% -APL 100% -PL 100% Four and a half hours of surgery. Was in hospital for 4 days and discharged on Tuesday. My arm is in a splint/sling for the...
  6. B

    Ulnar Nerve Injury

    This injury occurred about 3 months ago and is still bugging me. When I first injured it, my pinky and ring finger would tingle every now and then throughout the day and at night. I rested it and the tingling throughout the day vanished. However, whenever I sleep I always wake up with these...
  7. Rugby88

    Pinched Nerve in lower back

    Yo whats going on guys - I think I may have a pinched nerve in my lower back...there has been pain in the area/tight..+ my legs are abit tingly which is sign of a pinched nerve in the lower back/body... Just wondering if anyone has had a pinched nerve in the lower back and what they did about...
  8. S

    Possible nerve damage in neck, sharp headaches.

    So I did 20 rep squats last Thursday, and finished up with a nasty headache. After resting and then completing my workout the headache was bearable. I went home and had a feed / shower and was fine. Woke up Friday morning and went to go for a walk. By the time I had warmed up and got moving at a...