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  1. B

    legit sarms websites?

    looking for legit sarms websites australia
  2. A

    Need some advice

    First cycle 500mg per week of test E. Bloods pre cycle were all in normal range, 4 weeks into cycle test results came in Testosterone greater than 120 (scale only goes to 120) Oestrogen 395 Been trying to avoid the AIs but looking very much like I need to introduce them. Anyone had test...
  3. F

    Oestradiol too high + Gyno solutions

    So I did two blood tests recently separated by a month and in both of them my test is okay but my oestradiol is too high (a post processed form of test). I also have lump gyno, so not just fatty tissue but actual small amount of breast tissue. Had that since adolescence before started working...
  4. D

    Airmill sale sale sale ! ! !

    Hey Yall, Keeping you posted ON FLEX HOT DEALS RRP $1,795.00 $1,295.00 WAS $1,495.00 SAVE $500.00 (28%) Only 5 Left! REMEMBER ALL AUSBB MEMBERS TAKE A FURTHER 10% OFF AUSBB = $1165.50 PM MYSELF OR JAYZ FOR ORDERING OR canningvale@flexequipment.com.au
  5. Neddysmith

    Online Butchers anyone use em?

    As the titles says. Does anyone here use any online butchers for ordering their meat. We had a great butcher but recently he sold out and since then that butcher has gone way down hill in quality and way uphill on price, also a few other butchers I have been going to have been very hit and...
  6. D

    Ordering creatine from the US

    Hey guys and girls, Just wondering if anyone knows if a supplement might not make it through customs. I want to order Myoswell creatine but since i can't get it in Oz my only option is to buy it from the US. My question is has anyone ever had any issue ordering from the US or any other...
  7. M

    Ordering Sterile Vials and Bac Static water?

    Can anyone recommend a good site that ships quick, maybe something local? Preferably one that takes Paypal. I need 4x 30mls of bac static water with sodium chloride and 4x 30cc sterile capped vials.
  8. W

    Ordering supps

    When Ordering supps from overseas , always been to check these list first to see if they are on the list of Substances subject to import controls Appendix A - Substances subject to import controls Appendix B - Substances subject to import and export controls