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  1. S

    Why are oral only cycles frowned upon yet pro hormone only cycles were a huge thing?

    A friend actually asked me this and I had no idea. Why are oral only cycles frowned upon, yet pro hormone cycles were a think 6-7 years ago? Why would running TBol for example be any different than running Helladrol back in the day? I ran Helladrol for 6 weeks with great results ran a proper PCT...
  2. T

    Test 400 deca cycle

    Tas2020*****0 * Posted*yesterday at 09:52 AM I am looking a starting a test 400 /deca cycle run it for 10 weeks from what I've read I've seen that 250mg of 400 is enough a week how much deca do I pin during the cycle and do I run it full cycle or just finish with test only ?? I will be...
  3. L

    [NSW] For Sale - Power Rack, weights and bar

    Hi, I have for sale a power rack, weights and bar. The rack is a pin and pipe style and is 2210 tall.Could do with a paint Weights: 6x25kg, 3x20, 3x15kg, 2x5kg, 2x10kg, 2x2.5, 2x1.25kg ABC power bar Flat bench Located Beecroft NSW 2119 Price: $900 Any questions just send me a pm or reply...
  4. I

    ?*EOFY Sales On Now! 30% Off Storewide - Ends Soon*?

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  5. Goosey

    drop-set pins

  6. leighaus


    With the popularity of sarms at the moment, are people still pinning cjc1295 etc? Most people I know either have moved into gear or are using sarms. Interested to hear if anyone is still on the peptides, and why ?
  7. A

    What brand jeans do you wear?

    What brand jeans do you wear? which brand provides the best fit
  8. Darkoz

    For those who "train".......

    What are you "training" for? discuss, now.
  9. G

    Loading pin for weights....

    I was just wondering if anyone here had any ideas where I could get something similar to this.... http://www.ironmind-store.com/15-Olympic-Plate-Loading-Pin-Carabiner/productinfo/1314%2DC/ I am after one to use with my hip squat belt. Suggestions?
  10. Big Mick

    Getting the 'Pump'

    Just wondering if the 'pump' is essential for maximum gains. I am thinking of adding a high rep finisher set to the end of each exercise to get the muscle flooded with blood. Theory says that during the 'pump' the worked muscle is flooded with nutrient rich blood, thus assisting recovery and...
  11. A

    Steroid Injection 101

    source: Steroid Injection 101 - steroids.org
  12. R

    stopping for about 3 weeks

    next week i'll be moving houses so for about 3 weeks i'll be out of the gym until i settle in and find another gym. I am afraid of losing what I gained, i know that i will i lose some but roughly how much of my gain will I lose and how to prevent that or how to slow it down...?