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New member
A friend actually asked me this and I had no idea. Why are oral only cycles frowned upon, yet pro hormone cycles were a think 6-7 years ago? Why would running TBol for example be any different than running Helladrol back in the day? I ran Helladrol for 6 weeks with great results ran a proper PCT and no problems (damn I wish I could get Helladrol again), so why is Tbol any different when it's a similar acting compound? Why do we need to pin while on cycle if we didnt need to pin back then?
Because only oral cycle destroy your liver and cocks.

Liver yes but so did prohormones and you could take things to help out, not drink etc.

Your libido, all steroids will shut you down, that's what PCT is for.

Still dont see why Prohormones okay, Oral Steroids bad.
I would think this is more of a liver thing. Personally I love orals to kick start a cycle but I’ve also had issues with bloating, stomach cramps and elevated liver bloods as a result.
I think you can try to start a month on a 300mg test blend cloning sustenon. And with 1cc every 3 days=300mg test blend. And move to 1.5mg test blend e3d.