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  1. S

    Why are oral only cycles frowned upon yet pro hormone only cycles were a huge thing?

    A friend actually asked me this and I had no idea. Why are oral only cycles frowned upon, yet pro hormone cycles were a think 6-7 years ago? Why would running TBol for example be any different than running Helladrol back in the day? I ran Helladrol for 6 weeks with great results ran a proper PCT...
  2. W

    Anavar/Winstrol oral steroids question

    Hi guys, my friend has been working out for the last decade or so and is now considering adding some steroids into his routine as he feels the gains are not at the level they could be. Obvious benefits of working out naturally aside, is there any notable benefit to taking Anavar or Winstrol (or...
  3. S

    Our Prime Minister is chosen by Rupert Murdoch and other Media Moguls

    Rupert Murdoch wanted Malcolm Turnbull gone as Prime Minister "We have got to get rid of Malcolm. If that's the price of getting rid of him then I can put up with three years of Labor" Rupert Murdoch's Newspapers (the Australian, Daily Telegraph, Sky, etc) have run a campaign against Malcolm...
  4. Shrek

    Fuck Friends

    I don’t have any for this very reason. Happy to be a loner.
  5. S

    Sperm Smoothie?… UK Based Woman Reveals That’s Her Source Of Energy Every Morning

    29 year mum-of-two and vegetarian, Tracy Kiss, has revealed that drinking what she calls ‘sperm smoothies’ has boosted both her mood and immunity. Donated by her male best friend, who harvests it and delivers it to her up to three times a week, she preserves the sperm by storing it in tubs in...
  6. Big Mick

    Asking for a Friend

    What would be a suitable PED's schedule/'regime for a healthy adult male in their early 50's Intersted in some educated comments. Asking for a friend:cool:
  7. Sticky

    A legend lost

    I’m saddened to hear that our good friend Frank Manning passed away late last night. Whilst Frank wasnt a lifter himself, he was a coach, a world accredited referee, and played a pivotal role in the growth and success of the powerlifting comps I hold. Thank you Frank for your contribution...
  8. Darkoz

    My best friend

    Recently a member here said that his wife is his best friend, now we've all heard this before mainly in movies, television, talk shows etc. but what does this actually mean and what does it say about the bloke who says it. For me, a wife is a wife and a friend is a friend, you don't have sex...
  9. A

    3% man

    A friend recently gave me this book to read , it's a pretty good read enlightens you on a few things Any of you peeps given it a gander before ?
  10. S

    Ask Goosey

    Got a lifting question? Ask the Guru! Pls, lifting questions only.
  11. A

    Bodybuilder eats his daughter’s placenta

    WARNING: Graphic content. An Australian bodybuilder has been filmed eating his daughter’s placenta, hoping it would help him to “make some gains”. Arron Curtis, father to baby daughter Ilya Jane Curtis, decided to hold onto the girl’s organ when she was born. An Australian bodybuilder has been...
  12. B

    still waiting

    G'day guys, Apologies for the crappy first post. I originally messaged bulk nutrients on Facebook in September last year asking advice regarding WPI/WPC. I also placed a request for a sample at the same time which i never received ( my friend placed a request at the same time, never got anything...
  13. Neddysmith

    Dropping 4-5kg quick - Best way.

    Hey Guys, So i have a female friend who has a requirement to be under a certain BMI, the time frame is no more the 2.5weeks, they need to drop maybe 2-3kg. So while this isnt much at all but they want to be under by a bit so want to drop maybe 5kg to be sure. I have suggested drastically...
  14. R

    New guy on the block

    Hey Guys first off my grammer isn't gonna be great since I am on my phone. I guess I am pretty new to this whole thing of lifting. Everyones story starts someone just happens mine starts at 53kgs and 8% body fat. I have had some good in roads recently to the gym mainly I was honestly scared as...
  15. H

    Competing in both GPC and PA

    Hello a friend of mine asked me if he could do a GPC competition and then do a PA competition. Usually people go to GPC when they are banned from PA so my friends desire to compete in both was surprising to me. Is there any issue for my friend to compete in GPC and then compete in PA competitions?
  16. A

    big ramy throwback to 2012

    p/837fVPTM3W big_ramy#tbt throw back pic from Olympia amateur in kuwait when I won the overall and got my pro card 2012. Here I'm posing for the overall with my friend @mo2_alrashed
  17. B

    Win a trip to Tasmania for you and a friend!

    Win an expenses paid trip to our facility in Tasmania! See the image below for other inclusions! To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, simply follow @menshealthau on Twitter and retweet one of the #MHBulk competition tweets between now and Friday. Full Ts&Cs at Terms and...
  18. Fadi

    Cancer , friend or foe?

    I sat by myself contemplating and reflecting; why is it that everytime the word cancer is made mention of, it’s made with the utmost negativity and hostility. I ask you to give this matter a thought, a few minutes of your time, and see why is it that people always seem to be waging war on this...
  19. gymbunny

    Female Sportswear - What do you work out in?

    Is it just me or does women sports wear in Aus suck and is just totally overpriced and crap quality? I'm finding Nike has more comfortable/appropriate sports wear for weight training and is better valued. However I do own a few things from Lorna Jane but I honesty feel like my wallet is getting...
  20. J

    Friend says protein combining gives steroid like effects

    Quoting a personal trainer friend of mine saying that combining beef and chicken in a meal gives steroid like anabolic response. Especially after workouts. Anyone tried this before? I have a training journal that uses the meat combining technique described by my friend...