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New member
Is it just me or does women sports wear in Aus suck and is just totally overpriced and crap quality?

I'm finding Nike has more comfortable/appropriate sports wear for weight training and is better valued. However I do own a few things from Lorna Jane but I honesty feel like my wallet is getting raped every time I purchase something from there.

Im finding the womens sports shorts are so short atm, that if you sit down on a bench to do db work or you do leg extensions your going to be flashing your bits to everyone. Not to mention if you squat/dl infront of a mirror its the same problem.

Marathon Short - Lorna Jane <- very comfy but again $60..

What type of items do you tend to purchase?
Any specific brands?
Whats your recommendation (post link if you can find one)?

Am i the only female that thinks that there is a lacking market for affordable quality sportswear?

so tempting just to wear guys basketball shorts and sports top to the gym.. how much more comfortable would it be not to mention cheaper? just not very appealing look on a female lol


Well-known member
i have no problem finding really good workout gear.

I buy from these guys:

Activewear Online >> Home
(Better Bodies gear is fantastic)

Limited Hand Printed Apparel — FLAG NOR FAIL

All Australian custom designed Fitness & Gym Wear Black and Blue Australia
(they have a cool camouflage range coming out soon).

I also buy from Lululemon - their pants are really good. I try to get them at their discount outlets when they're cheaper but they generally last really well.

For running shorts, I usually go 2XU because they are good quality and the only ones that fit tiny me properly :)

hope that helps.


Im loving Michelle bridges line of clothes at the moment. I cant comprehend spending big $ for Lorna jane!!


Private Dancer
so tempting just to wear guys basketball shorts and sports top to the gym.. how much more comfortable would it be not to mention cheaper? just not very appealing look on a female lol

Your last sentence above is correct, and first sentence is horrifying and offensive to any male reader.

As we all know, the main objective of any female who visits a gym should be to look spectacular for the males.

Any lady who even so much as dreams of wearing basketball shorts to a gym should wake up from that dream and apologise. Any lady who actually wears them to the gym should be frog-marched from there post haste and never allowed to return.

Good luck with your training. :)


New member
bazingaa!!! :D

this is their ideal attire:

Bolt-ons help my bench.

But more seriously, I have a bunch of clothes I've picked up along the way of life. Most of them are 'mens' cotton stuff such as promo/competition shirts or bought off the bargain table at amart all-sports. I really don't give a shit. It's comfortable and allows me to train properly. With most of the womens stuff...

1 - It's expensive.
2 - Most of it is designed with looks given priority over function.

In addition I know I'm going to get dirty and sweaty and I have an aversion to doing that in someone I spent all that money on. If I had money to spend on clothes I can thing of better things to spend it on. Like a dress for my sister's wedding. I was actually given a $50 gift voucher for Lorna Jane at xmas time that I haven't used. It's actually hard to find an item I would find useful that fits within that price.

I'll admit I don't look sexy in my gym clothes but as I said before, I don't give a shit. I'm training for my benefit.


New member
My wife wears skins or 2XU tights and cheap ass k- Mart sports bras and singlets.

As the tops when soaked with sweat and deodorant don't last long so no problems throwing them out.

The tights are worth paying extra for as they last and stand up to the sweat etc.
Im discovering the women's activities bermuda are so brief atm, that if you sit down on a regular to do db perform or you do leg additions your going to be blinking your pieces to everyone. In addition to if you squat/dl infront of a reflection its the same issue.

So what your saying is;
The ladies piece rector is ailing to the matter of exercise within the space of the mirror coordinates?


Well-known member
i never have trouble finding affordable comfortable workout clothes...where ARE you all shopping.

lol on the nonsensical posts below


New member
I have 2XU Femme Tri Singlet and Comp Tri Short for triathlon wear but I use them for morning jogs and gym workouts. Got these stuff from Torpedo7, they're selling them and other sportswear for up to 70% discount.


New member
I wear Lululemon - it is more expensive but washes well, keeps its shape and I find are quite warm for the freakishly cold winter I've been feeling .....(now they've rectified the see-thru issue with the WunderUnders ;-)