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    Boxing Day Sales On Now! 30% Off Storewide!

    Merry Christmas AusBB! Boxing Day Sales On Now! ? Includes all apparel, footwear and lifting accessories (belts, sleeves, wraps +more). Use the code "BOXING18" at the checkout. Ends in 48 hours! irontanksgymgear.com Gym Gear Built #Iron Tough
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    AUSBB! ?⚡*Black Friday Sales! 30% Off Storewide! Check It Out!*?⚡

    AUSBB! ?⚡*Black Friday Sales! 30% Off Storewide! Check It Out!*?⚡ Don't forget it's FREE delivery on orders over $100 for AU/NZ and FREE delivery on orders over $200 internationally!
  5. I

    Ausbb! ? boxing day sales! Up to 70% off store wide! Check it out! 48 hrs only ?

    Ausbb! ? boxing day sales! Up to 70% off store wide! Check it out! 48 hrs only ? Merry Christmas in advance to all of you AUSBB! We're starting our Boxing Day Sales a little early so you guys can get in first dibs on all of our stock. Take care over the holidays and enjoy them! All the...
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    Hey Ausbb! The last of our Stocktake sales is here! For 48 hours only you can have any of our shoes for just $74.95! That's nearly 40% off the retail price! If you still haven't got yourself a set, or simply want to add more to your collection now is a fantastic time to do it! This won't be...
  8. P

    SITE FOR SALE - ProteinPowder.com.au

    Domain, shopify site and inventory for sale. After initially investing a considerable amount of time and money into this project, due to work commitments we just haven't been able promote it or give it the attention that it needs to get sales up and running. Check the site out here. We have...
  9. Jungnaut

    SARMS - Your thoughts?

    Who has used SARMS on here and did you enjoy significant gainz in size and strength as a result from them? One that has piqued my interest of late is LGD-4033 such as found in 'Legend' by Olympus. http://www.nutri-verse.com/legend/ It's much stronger than Ostarine for use in a bulking cycle...
  10. I

    SOFY Sales! New Gear Landed, massive restock!

    Hey guys, just had a massive restock of gear including some new garments. Some favourites available in new colour ways! We're having a very short EOFY/SOFY sale which begins today and ends July 2nd. 3 days only Use the code: SOFY15 for 20% off your entire order storewide. Strictly limited...
  11. Puggy

    Reppin' Bulk Nutrients & their Promo Code

    Many thanks to the team at Bulk Nutrients for my supplement goodies that arrived. I don't usually buy many supplements, but yours are worth it! Got my free 'Super Shaker' after I emailed the Bulk Nutrients sales team with my 'AUSBBSHAKER' code. Also got some free samples which have been...
  12. Goosey

    Interesting graph for full fat milk

  13. A

    10% AUSBB discount code now available!

    Hi everybody! ;) No need to email us anymore to get the 10% discount, Gym Direct now has a promo code available for online shopping. YIPEE! Enter the Promo code: AUSBB into the shopping cart and the 10% is deducted automatically from your order. (10% discount is not in conjunction with...
  14. A

    Fitness, sales assistant and hospitality courses fall out of favour

    THE number of Victorians studying to be fitness instructors, sales assistants and hospitality workers has slumped as much as 70 per cent. Subsidy cuts to “ low-need” courses are being blamed for the drop-off. More people are studying in areas of shortage such as health and...
  15. gymbunny

    Female Sportswear - What do you work out in?

    Is it just me or does women sports wear in Aus suck and is just totally overpriced and crap quality? I'm finding Nike has more comfortable/appropriate sports wear for weight training and is better valued. However I do own a few things from Lorna Jane but I honesty feel like my wallet is getting...
  16. P

    Anyone making Atlas Stones for Sales in Perth ?

    Anyone making Atlas Stones for Sale in Perth ? If anyone has the molds and makes them and wants to sell some, i'm interested :) I'm after 85 kg, 100 kg and 120kg stones (approx weights)