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New member
Hi guys, my friend has been working out for the last decade or so and is now considering adding some steroids into his routine as he feels the gains are not at the level they could be.
Obvious benefits of working out naturally aside, is there any notable benefit to taking Anavar or Winstrol (or both)? He's a complete noob when it comes to steroids so wanted to know if it's even worth starting with those "girly" steroids?

If they are decent "starter" steroids, do you need to stack them with anything else? Can you do a short cycle and retain the gains once you stop? He's really just looking to dip his toe into steroids.
If anyone has taken Anavar or Winstrol, are there any notable side-effects from short term use?\

Many thanks in advance for serious responses.


Captain Kunce
Research man. Its all out there.

Look for a guy called Broderick Chavez.

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New member
Check out @the_research_station & @aas_network for plenty of great info

As a starter you can’t (and probably shouldn’t) go last simple Test

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