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  1. C

    Overload and Isolation Exercises

    I know the principle of overload when applied to compound exercises involving the large muscle groups but does it still apply to the same extent for isolation exercises? I would have thought that there must be a limit to how much small muscles can grow so overload becomes ineffective after...
  2. L


    Hey all, I'm 31 year old father of 4, train 6 days a week. My diet is in check my weight is coming up while bodyfat is dropping but my overall well-being is feeling a bit shitty. Ive heard from numerous guys my age that test has multiple health benefits apart from just body-building. I had some...
  3. F

    Weight lifting belts

    Hey all, I’m after some advice/tips on weight lifting belts as I have never owned or used one before and am not an experienced bodybuilder. At what sort of weight do you start using a belt for your heavy compound lifts and does it stop you building a stronger core? Any advice/tips would be...
  4. S

    Why are oral only cycles frowned upon yet pro hormone only cycles were a huge thing?

    A friend actually asked me this and I had no idea. Why are oral only cycles frowned upon, yet pro hormone cycles were a think 6-7 years ago? Why would running TBol for example be any different than running Helladrol back in the day? I ran Helladrol for 6 weeks with great results ran a proper PCT...
  5. R

    Older lifters training thoughts

    G'day, It's been a while since I was on AUSBB. A bit of history: I'm 53, 84kg and been lifting for about 10 years or so consistently, but in the last few years (particularly afer my bike accident the frequency is now daily). I have only got back to doing squats in the last 9 months (re...
  6. Z

    Test undecanoate before jail (Experienced user, interesting insight)

    Test undecAnoate, limited uses i doubt anyone here has used it seriously its got a half life of three months , 6month full duration, i have a year in jail , ill be out in 6months. Making it a perfect product for me, i doubt any of you have used this seriously, but im not here to look for insight...
  7. L

    devon larrat

    best arm wrestler in the world has a weak deadlift and squat but beat thor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECiI4wmU_bs
  8. J

    First cycle recommendations, and question regarding doctors advice

    Stats: 27, 165cm, 75kg, 13% BF Looking for suggestions for my first cycle. My goal is to try and add some lean mass. I started a 500mg Test E cycle a year or so ago but copped an unrelated virus not even halfway through, had to start PCT early and come off. I've been wanting to try...
  9. Fadi

    Mechanical advantage bodybuilding: extend your set intensify your workout.

    None of us want to waste time trying to build muscle. And all of us know that the intensity of a set is felt near its completion rather than its beginning. Knowing this, it would be logical then to take advantage of this fact by extending the set at a point where it’s most optimal and most...
  10. G

    Power Rack - Dimensions should be?

    Hello... I live around Sydney and I have started exercising with what I have, just to prove to myself I am going to actually do exercising, not just buy equipment and end up with a $2000 dust collector. I been looking at the power racks instead of half racks etc for safety performing...
  11. A

    Which exercises in your program do you absolutely dread to do?

    Which exercises in your program do you absolutely dread to do?
  12. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread # 11

    This weeks topic: Arm training · How do you train arms? · How big are your arms? · What do you think most people do incorrectly when training arms? · Do you train forearms? Any other questions/comments regarding the topic
  13. kramer1

    compound bow, alvey fishing reel, tablet

    ok so i wanna get rid of some things i dont use,,any offers will be considered,,pics on request i got a 70lb 29 draw camo martin bow,,comes with about 14 good quality arrows a shark release<< one of the best u can get,,a quiver broadheads,,target tips etc i want rid of it as it doesnt get used...
  14. Goosey


    http://youtu.be/EGcVb3wBL_Q this is how I workout mostly when using machines, I'm using machines more often now. 1. you can see perfect form 2. Pre-fatiguing 3. Perfect use on the smith 4. Incredibly high heart rate 5. Going to fatigue
  15. J

    Compound lifts

    So we are always told compounds train every muscle bla bla. Well finally went to a physio to get my fucked sholder looked at. turns out my bicep tendon is being trapped in the socket. But the root cause of it is my scapular has completely gone to sleep, it actually does nothing now. so weak...
  16. White_Lie

    Fatiguing muscle groups prior to doing compound lifts

    I apologise if this has been discussed before but what is everyone's opinion on fatiguing a smaller muscle group in order to force the larger muscles to do more work? What I mean is, to maximise growth in say the chest/pecs a) Doing triceps before benching or b) Fatiguing the chest with flyes...
  17. A

    Natural Compound from Tomatoes Increases Muscle

    Green is good: Natural compound from green tomatoes increases muscle, protects against muscle wasting Using a screening method that previously identified a compound in apple peel as a muscle-boosting agent, a team of scientists has now discovered that tomatidine, a...
  18. Headley

    Anti-aging compound

    Australian and US scientists reverse ageing in mice, humans could be next - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Just for muscles so far but could be extended to all cells in the body. Human trials to start next year (2 weeks away)
  19. S

    Honest Question

    Now im relatively inexperianced compared to the majority on there when it comes to the gym. What I see a lot in my gym is people that do 4 or 5 different exercises for the same body part. Like 4 different variations of cable curls. I see this as pointless but then again I have little experience...
  20. A

    Popular sports supplements contain meth-like compound

    A popular and controversial sports supplement widely sold in the USA and other countries is secretly spiked with a chemical similar to methamphetamine that appears to have its origins as an illicit designer recreational drug, according to new tests by scientists in the USA and South Korea...