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New member
Test undecAnoate, limited uses i doubt anyone here has used it seriously its got a half life of three months , 6month full duration, i have a year in jail , ill be out in 6months.
Making it a perfect product for me, i doubt any of you have used this seriously, but im not here to look for insight on the compound because i know what im doing.

I will inject 5g in one day, which to many of you may seem like a nightmare situation or not possible, ive never ran gear at a dosage like this, im aware of the unnecessary nature of such high doses, but at this dosage i would be 2500ng/dl by 3months , i know through my comprehension of testosterone , that side effects will be likely, but i know my body, it handles very well, ive never had side effects beyond the unavoidable one which is suppression of my natural testosterone, gyno wont be an issue, but if anyone out there has read anything hinting to a way of reduxing estrogen long term with a single dosing then id love to be enlightened.

So all that should rub out any shit posting, here is my question, has anyone heard of anyone dying or running into serious complications with dose ranges outside 5g?, 7 or 10g would mean that the drop off ranges past the point of 3months would still fall in the very high area 4.5months in, my test would only be low to zero for the last month im in.

Essentially im happy running the 5g at the end of the day, but id do 7g or 10g if i felt i could pull it off.
I have taken undecanoate ester before, and what you're proposing is a dumb idea
I have taken undecanoate ester before, and what you're proposing is a dumb idea

Prisons are full of dumb arses, they are not in there because they are smart and here we have another one.

How about not doing more illegal shit and just train and get your life sorted.

Or you could just do the world a favour OD and be done with it.
Pretty sure prison offers free health care. Get your endocrine system sorted for free mate. Better life choices
Sounds like you need to sort your priorities. What sort of a stupid shit life are you leading?

Sort out your shit.