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I live around Sydney and I have started exercising with what I have, just to prove to myself I am going to actually do exercising, not just buy equipment and end up with a $2000 dust collector.

I been looking at the power racks instead of half racks etc for safety performing squats/bench press.

I read some people on this forum prefer the half racks for olympic style lifts... I didn't quite understand why considering you would generally do those outside of the rack (half or full) anyway.

So I am trying to work out what would be best to get for the compound lifts... a half or full cage...

I also would like to have the pull-up bars available.

Uhm, in terms of the power rack dimensions - what would be suited?

I found 2 places in Sydney that seem to stock good stuff - for not a huge expense... RAW Fitness and Gym Direct.

RAW seem to be good on the bumper plates and stuff but their racks seem to be smaller (like depth) than others...

GYm Direct Rack dimensions: - 1240mm wide x 1970mm deep x 2160mm high.
Posts are - 60mm x 60mm x 2mm, 1220mm outside measurement

The Raw Fitness one is L:121cm, W:148cm, H:209cm

Also 2mm steel powder coated like GD.

What does one need in terms of a rack in size, to feel 'free' and not closed in like you have no room to really move around?

And again.... thats why I think half rack.. its more like a squat/bench stand but you have freedom to stand outside of it... just if you do fall... or cant complete a lift... you are kinda stuck not having the spotting arms to leave it on...

So just some advice over-all would be appreciated.
I got the full power rack.
Squat and bench in the rack with safety"s and deadlift/ohp outside.
Full rack is more solid and safe. Necessary for squats and benching alone without a spotter. Presses, deadlifts and any quick lifts will be done outside the rack.

If you know how to do cleans you can do without a rack. Clean - front squat - press and some occasional deadlifts would be a full if repetitive workout. Not much chesticle development but...
The size is really only limited by the size of the space you have to work with.

For what it's worth, I've recently got a Gym Direct rack (see my post in the Equipment sub-forum), and it's fantastic - heaps of space, plenty of backup if I fail a lift without a spotter, and I extended rubber matting out front so I can do deadlifts etc outside the rack.

Highly recommended!
So having one that is smaller or larger... standing inside... makes no difference as the bar is meant to only go up/down anyway?

I have unlimited space (may as well be). Rubber Flooring I will get maybe 9 square meters worth. Cover the floor room.