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He doesn’t need a good deadlift and squat to be a good arm wrestler.

50 variations of curls maybe. My opinion is uneducated on the subject but i think for the average pleb going to the pub and getting into macho contests,having the ability to give and withstand force would be an advantage. Squats and deads would most definately give you the ability to firstly lock yourself and secondly your grip would be way stronger. Anyone that can pull over 200 kgs would have a far stronger grip than someone who cant. Also the compound lifts make you explosive,your fast twitch is getting trained when u hit the powerlifts.
I think arm wrestling is more about technique than brute strength

only agree to an extent as finding a way to use ur whole body is probably the most important part of armwrestling. I would prefer to call it"a practical application of strength". However if the strength disparity is too great between opponents,no amount of technique will save you from a guy who has superior muscular and tendon strength.

Larrat can cheat curl 80 kgs with 1 hand.
Gerry doesn’t have anything besides what he used squat or whatever.
So in his world “everything”

oh man always gotta kick shit off by getting personal,listen kunt im currently cashed up from sale of our house,made a healthy profit so fuk u. I have 1 real good idea which will multiply my money. Im betting ur mortgaged to the fucking hilt and dont sleep well. I may not be "balling" like u but im ok. Also yes on this particular forum which is called "powerlifting" i do regard the maximal effort in the 3 compound lifts as the mark of a man. Sadly you dont qualify.
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forgot to add,u have bitch tits on the verge of lactation,a weak back that would snap under what a teenage girl squats and weak legs atrophied from lack of real time under tension.get fucked
Sold the caravan gerry? rollyn deep!
Tell us your life grand achievements again, you know we all love to hear about them.
And no kunce pulled no silver spoon from my mouth ether
Came here from Europe in the early 80s with literally 1 suitcase and 3 words of English
Whats your excuse?
And no kunce pulled no silver spoon from my mouth ether
Came here from Europe in the early 80s with literally 1 suitcase and 3 words of English
Whats your excuse?

interesting you claim to come from poor but are very disrespectful of kunts who arent as financially well off as you. But yeah expect nothing less from a kunt whose morally bankrupt.
edited...too far...ohhh grunty poo u get under my skin. Lets face it and i run into this situation quite often that kunts feel insecure that a short ugly ass with noodle arms repped for aussie bearing in mind that im smack bang in the middle of bum fuk NZ. They overcompensate and attempt to match up by flapping their gums. I realise this and stay cool. Ive walked it while kunts like you talk it
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