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  1. S

    Physio recommendation

    Hi all, Having issues with my shoulder and in need of a good physio. I am located in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. I know an excellent one (Andrew Lock) but he is booked out for quite a while. Can anyone recommend anyone in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Any feedback would be great...
  2. L

    NFL superstar Adrian Peterson facing bankruptcy despite career earnings of over $100m

    NFL star Adrian Peterson’s financial woes are front and centre after he was with three separate lawsuits claiming he failed to repay millions of dollars in loans. Despite earning $100 million throughout his NFL career, which will continue with the Washington Redskins this season, Peterson, 34...
  3. L

    devon larrat

    best arm wrestler in the world has a weak deadlift and squat but beat thor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECiI4wmU_bs
  4. D

    !! Hot fire power cage deals !! Flex fitness equipment

    :cool: IT's Gym Quittin' Time :cool: ArmorTech Power Cage PC5 With Lat Attachment RRP $1,199.00 WAS $898.95 SAVE $401.00 (33%) ONLY $798.00 AUSBB Take 10% MORE ! MEMBERS = $718.20 SPECIFICATIONS: Armortech Heavy Duty Steel Tubing Multi Grip , Non slip Pull up bar 4 x Fully height...
  5. D

    *** flex fitness bar and bumper pack ***

    For all of YOU still CHARGED from the CROSSFIT GAMES this year!! It's time for you to start getting ready for NEXT YEAR. Lucky enough we have some BAR & BUMPER PACKAGES on sale !! Package includes 1 x 7ft Olympic Barbell 20kg Brass Bushing - rated at 700lbs 1 x Pair of Spring Collars 1 x...
  6. J

    New Sale Armortech Wall mounted Foldable Squat Rack

    Hey All, The Armortech Foldable Squat rack has just gone on sale for $339 Please see Designed with a hinge support system that minimizes horizontal sway better than similar products on the market, our solid design bears the brunt of a weighted barbell and meets it with unmatched stability...
  7. NightFallTech

    For Sale : Ironmaster quicklock adjustable dumbbells

    Iron master adjustable Dumbbells, with rack and add on kit (Takes DB's to approx 54kg each). Very good condition, very space efficient. selling because I've moved to a full rack of fixed DB's now that i have the space. These are the best option if you can't justify a full rack of fixed...
  8. S

    Deadlift Grip

    A couple month before Christmas I started to lift again and for once sticking to it. Anyway I had noticed my bicep felt dull and achy and after a look around on google it seems the deadlift is more than likely the issue. As most people the overhand grip works to a point and then people us the...
  9. I

    Attention! ? Introducing JUGGERNAUT Powerlifting Shoe! ? Check them out now!

    Attention! ? Introducing JUGGERNAUT Powerlifting Shoe! ? Check them out now! Hey Ausbb! The Juggernaut Powerlifting shoe combines a sleek aesthetic with functional ergonomic design to supercharge your workouts. An ultra high density and uniformly flat EV outersole ensures maximum surface...
  10. A

    What do you regret buying for your home gym?

    What do you think wasn't worth the money it cost? Or you bought something and barely use it?
  11. B

    FOR SALE: VIC Force USA VersaRack XL Full Setup

    Hi, I'm currently selling my full Force USA Power Rack setup, which I've only used a handful of times. (!) 1 x Force USA VersaRack XL - Folding Power Rack with all attachments (RRP $1,695.00) 1 x Force USA VersaBench XL - Folding FID Bench (RRP $449.00) 1 x Olympic Quick Lock Collars - Pair...
  12. Shrek

    "Eddie Hall 2016 WORLD RECORD DEADLIFT 465kg"

  13. A

    Conceptual Gadgets - Conrad Pole-Climbing Bike Lock

    What if there was a way to make it very inconvenient for a thief to get to a bicycle because it was high up
  14. steveP


    I've been doing movie reviews for almost 3 and a half years with over 300 movies. As I enjoy movies far more than TV, I watch quite a lot and enjoy discussing them. I'm a regular listener to the podcast called The Film Vault, which also gave me the idea to blog about movies. The Film Vault |...
  15. A

    Spin lock Olympic Dumbbell Handles

    NOW IN STOCK AT GYM DIRECT! Due to huge demand for quality 1-piece solid olympic dumbbells, Gym Direct have sourced this awesome set of Olympic Spinlock Dumbbells. Dumbbell dimensions are - 510mm long x Ø72mm, (at plate stopper flange). Net weight of each dumbbell is 6.0kg, (12.0kg for the...
  16. M

    Lock Jaw Collars

    I'm keen to get some lock jaw collars or similar, but have found a big variation in price. Is there any difference in quality between the $12.95 pair here and the $50 pair here? Cheers.
  17. N

    SYD-Powertec Functional Trainer + Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells

    SYD-Powertec Workbench Functional Trainer + Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells Contact me through Gumtree if interestred. Thanks for looking. Powertec Workbench Functional Trainer in as NEW Condition | Gym & Fitness | Gumtree Australia Parramatta Area - Westmead | 1029694058 Powertec...
  18. M

    Quick Lock Dumbbells - Adjustable between 2.5-50kg

    Hi guys, Has anyone on this board bought these dumbbells? Quick Lock Dumbells - Adjustable between 2.5-55kg* They are a Force USA copy of the ironmasters with a hexagonal design and for sale in Aus for $600, compared to $900 for ironmasters for the same weight. I had plenty of questions for...
  19. HSVJake

    Ironmaster quick lock dumbbells

    Looking at getting some new dumbbells, the olympic ones are so big they are awkward to use for some exercises. I was thinking about the ironmaster quick lock dumbbells from Sam's fitness. Anyone have a set? Seems to get good reviews online, but I never know whether those are promo reps or...
  20. L

    next gen playstation and xbox going 4k video

    Looking like both playstation and xbox will be capable of outputting 4k video “PlayStation 4K” and “Xbox Durango” will be key to Ultra HD adoption | Ars Technica The PlayStation 4 Has A New Controller, Fancy User Accounts And Impressive Specs (So Far)