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  1. Stiff 2G

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 ... 2021

    How's bout dem Swimmers aye Shrek
  2. A

    The ageless bodybuilder! – robby robinson is a golden era bodybuilding legend, and is

    THE AGELESS BODYBUILDER! – ROBBY ROBINSON IS A GOLDEN ERA BODYBUILDING LEGEND, AND IS CURRENTLY STILL JACKED AT AGE 70! Robby Robinson, a former Mr America, Mr International, Mr World, and Mr Universe, starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1977 film Pumping Iron and was also the Austrians...
  3. A

    Pumping iron: Lighter weights just as effective as heavier weights to gain muscle, bu

    New research is challenging traditional workout wisdom, suggesting that lifting lighter weights many times is as efficient as lifting heavy weights for fewer repetitions. It is the latest in a series of studies that started in 2010, contradicting the decades-old message that the best way to...
  4. Nikko

    What music do you like to train too??? And why???

    Metal or hard core techno gets the blood pumping
  5. Shrek

    Review of Arnold's Mr. Olympia Victories

    Review of Arnold's Mr. Olympia Victories The Arnold Schwarzenegger Files If you go by total Mr. Olympia wins, both Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman with eight victories are the “best” Olympia champions of all time. But in terms of sheer popularity and the magnitude of his impact on the sport...
  6. A

    Pumping iron 2 The women

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2fxHtM9t6w PUMPING IRON II: THE WOMEN, a film that is changing the way the world views the female physique-creating "a new definition of the female form." Join four women as they prepare for the 1983 Caesars Palace World Cup Championship: the sultry and curvaceous...
  7. walt

    Power Unlimited (powerlifting documentary) (the Pumping Iron docoof powerlifting)

    SnkyhKRiKmU A documentary about the origins and history of Powerlifting, includes Larry Pacifico, Ed Coan, Kirk Karwoski, Scott Cartwright, Scott Mendelsohn , Dave Waddington and Garry Frank.

    can you get growth from just pumping a muscle?

    i'm talking about biceps. have had a problem with my left biceps. there is a big tight feeling pain at the top of the biceps near the shoulder when i'm curling a 10kg db. but if i just pump it full of blood with very high reps like 30+ reps it feels fine gets massively pumped like it would burst.
  9. A

    [Movie] Pumping iron

    Very entertaining movie arnold look great so did lou .
  10. T

    Pumping Iron

    A friend of mine loaned me this DVD today because I hadn't seen it before. Superb film. To see Arnold in his prime is such a treat, and to get an insight into his mind and the training he and the other stars of the film go through to be the very best is truly inspirational. The rivalry...