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  1. A

    Help weight loss peps

    Hi everyone, im not sure if this board is still active but looking for some help please.. As I'm looking to lean down and drop some fat...I have been a big guy for ages but over year and bit been pushing at it and working on it. but was wondering if anyone could suggest some peptides please to...
  2. A

    How many push-ups can you do in a set?

    Before you really start to burn out and barely pushing out the last one
  3. Puggy

    Abdominal Training Theory - Jeff Cavaliere

    Very interesting theory that goes against everything I've been taught. Have always been to exhale upon contraction pushing air from diaphragm allowing muscles to contract stronger. Today, I did as Jeff said in his video, and the contractions were just as strong as if I had done the opposite...
  4. N

    Pain from military press

    About two-3 years ago I broke my collar bone, would this have anything to do with the pain I experience in my left shoulder? It feels like all the muscles are pushing together and overlapping sometimes and it hurts and I have to stop training. Should I keep it light with the bar only until I can...
  5. canned tuna

    Plate under heels for assistance in pushing through heels

    What are your experiences and ideas re: putting plates under the heels during deadlifts With a tall person, it seems their long legs can make it more difficult to get the bar past the knees, in turn putting pressure towards the toes and balls of feet instead of the heels. This is the conclusion...
  6. bradsky

    Pushing The Pump

    Hey gents, The last few months I have been putting some weight on, also have started back on the creatine. Anyway, I have been getting Insane pumps in my arms, Now, it doesn't take long for my arms to inflate, and I get concerned about hurting myself. I find myself not going as hard as I...