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  1. J


    anyone know any good sources for bpc157 in aus. all the good international sources have stopd shipping to aus. Need it for an injury
  2. J

    Mk 677 form effectiveness

    Which form is most effective: Pill, liquid, powder ? Also is it ok to buy internationally as I feel shipping conditions may not be optimal (exposure to heat etc.)
  3. D

    SARMs source Australia

    Hey guys I'm based in NSW and am wondering where I can get LGD4033 as international shipping has stopped. Is Sarmsaustralia.com.au reputable? Thanks :)
  4. S

    SARMs in Australia now that no international site is shipping?

    Looks like all reputable international sites have stopped shipping to Australia. What local sites are good to go? I’m after MK-677.
  5. C

    Buying SARMs, peptides in Hong Kong

    Long-time reader, first time poster because it seems we're on the cusp of something cool with SARMs! I'm going to roll SARMs and/or peptides into my 2018 workout regime (haven't decided which as yet, still in 'research' mode) and as I regularly travel to Hong Kong for business, I've got the...
  6. D

    Double D triangle in Australia?

    Don't get too excited by the "double D" part guys, I'm talking about one of these http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HX2A7VA/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Bit pricey with shipping and was wondering if anyone had come across something here?
  7. BrisVegasGhost

    Expensive Dumbbells... 50k with shipping

    I have seen some gyms/fitness institutes have these dumbbells in Australia. Out of reach for the average user.... $38,638.37 for 5kg to 50kg Shipping is $13,137.05 Grand total: $51,775.45 http://watsongym.co.uk/product/watson-pro-dumbbells/ https://watsongym.co.uk/cart/?removed_item=1 13k...
  8. A

    [FS] Ironmaster Chin Up attachment for superbench

    For sale is an ironmaster chin up bar, as new condition (about 2 months old, only used a few times as I bought a rack since). Asking $60, pickup only as shipping would just be annoying. Local pick up from Taylors Lakes in Melbourne - (although I will be in the Adelaide metro on the weekend of...
  9. I

    Titan Shoes - Now Available!

    Thanks to everyone who patiently waited for our Titan release - everyone who pre ordered, yours are now well on the way - Christmas is coming early! :) To everyone else, the Titan's are now fully available, and an incredible gift idea for yourself or a loved one. Stylish, aesthetic...
  10. S

    bodybuilding.com coming to Australia

    Rumours have it they're setting up now and launching in October. Can anyone add to this? is it true? Going to be a game changer if so.
  11. Jungnaut

    Reps to BN for reducing shipping rates!

    Hey there sexy Jungnaut Before we get to our Product of the Month, we've got an extra special treat for you... our flat rate shipping has been cut from $12 to just $7! It doesn't matter how big your order is or in which far flung part of Australia you live, with Bulk...
  12. H

    [FS] XL SBD Knee Sleeves

    Selling XL SBD Knee Sleeves. Bought recently, too big, missed return period - essentially brand new. Best knee sleeves money can buy. $90 including shipping, can arrange pickup in Melbourne CBD for $80.
  13. Fister Roboto

    What to buy in the US

    So I have moved to the US and a post in another thread reminded me that I have access to a different range of supplements/enhancers over here without getting raped on shipping. Anything you guys would recommend?
  14. I

    Express Shipping Until Sunday

    Last minute gift ideas? Get them in time with free express shipping! www.irontanks.com.au
  15. B

    December Promo - Free shipping

  16. B

    May Promo - Free shipping, Free Shaker

    All orders throughout the whole of May, shipping is free of charge. We'll throw in a free shaker too!
  17. I

    LabPe aussie shipping

    Hey guys Do any of you know if LabPe ships to aus anymore. I looked on their website and Australia is not listed as a shipping country. I know they shipped here in the past, can anyone update me on this? Cheers
  18. P

    Ironedge v Force USA Adjustable Kettlebell

    Anyone have any experience with these products ? Just wondering which one is better Force USA Adjustable Kettlebell - Up to 32kg and 32kg Adjustable Kettlebell - Iron Edge Fitness Equipment - Train Smarter
  19. A

    I want to buy from Inzer... shipping costs...

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade finally to a real belt and have been recommended by a few guys to try the Inzer 10mm belt (going lever, large 34-38). Anyway I know all you regulars on here are familiar with the ridiculous shipping costs as I've done a search for past threads and found the...
  20. A

    FREE SHIPPING $60+ Orders!

    Hey everyone! Great news - we're celebrating our 6th birthday today and this week we are lowering the free shipping threshold to $60. So order $60 or more and we'll ship to anywhere in Australia for free (standard shipping)!