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  1. S

    Novice comps for Shits and Giggles

    Thinking of trying a comp at the end of the year just for the hell of it and I don't know why really, just think it would be cool to say I did it. Won't come close to being on the podium but guess it gives you a goal to work towards and you can get a total marked off then go try and beat it...
  2. M

    5/3/1 Wendler

    Why no sticky?
  3. S

    Fiber intake (Metamucil)

    I actually started drinking this becasue i was over water for the day and wanted something diffrent. Im hooked on the stuff, 3 glasses a day, Like dosage recommened. This stuff Really does keep you on the toilet nice and reguler and with ease too :) I know probly enough fiber is gained...
  4. MaxBrenner

    Canning the 6 meals, 'clean' eating, the Post Workout Anabolic Window and GI myths

    I have compiled a mix of biological, physiology information, articles and studies etc that will hopefully give everyone an understanding on the body's digestion processes, maconutrient functions and insulin responses and some other useful facts. That in turn will clear up the myths of needing...
  5. kindred

    Not an injury but fuck it shits me!

    Jock itch!!!!!!!!!! I fucking hate it!!!! How the fuck are you supposed to fucking walk or run or even move when you get fucking jock itch!!!! None of the medications work. I alsways walk or run for a few months then get jock itch and im back to being fucking in-active. I ignored it once and...
  6. Sticky

    my body is really annoying me

    Soooo, I'm gunna have a sook. Well, my heart is as healthy as an 80yo man - cardiologists words. He gives me metoprolol. I now get the runs every morning, YAY. Go and get my skin checked, I have cancer on my nose. I'm almost completly deaf in one ear. I'm going grey, really grey, at 22. I...