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  1. WoodyAllen

    Lumberjack bench press.

    May not be calibrated weights.
  2. I

    Attention! ? Introducing JUGGERNAUT Powerlifting Shoe! ? Check them out now!

    Attention! ? Introducing JUGGERNAUT Powerlifting Shoe! ? Check them out now! Hey Ausbb! The Juggernaut Powerlifting shoe combines a sleek aesthetic with functional ergonomic design to supercharge your workouts. An ultra high density and uniformly flat EV outersole ensures maximum surface...
  3. I

    ? Huge Clearance SALE For You! Up To 60% OFF! Check It Out - Limited Time Only! ?

    ? Huge Clearance SALE For You! Up To 60% OFF! Check It Out - Limited Time Only! ? Hi AusBB! We've currently got some amazing specials and clearance sales on. Strictly limited colours and styles remain, so it's first in best dressed! Check the sales out here and the clearance items...
  4. A

    This is what the "fittest woman on earth" eats every day

    Hint: her shopping cart consists of lots of eggs, avocados and leafy greens. Photo: Instagram @katrindavidsdottir She squats 115 kilos and has won the CrossFit Games two years running, so when Katrin Davidsdottir spills on what her day on a plate looks like, we’re all ears. Speaking to...
  5. spartacus

    No excuses fatboys: step your way to health

    Convert Activity Into StepsUse this chart to convert activities that are not easily measured by a pedometer. Multiply the number of minutes you participated in the activity by the number indicated in the chart. Use only the timed, converted steps for your step count. Do not also include the...
  6. B

    May 2016 Newsletter - our latest updates

    Hiya! As we edge closer to Winter, we've got a cracking Product of the Month for you… It’s fair to say that Watermelon NO4X has gained a cult following. It’s trusted by many gym go'ers to assist with their focus and provide maximum stimulation in the gym. Best of all, it’s free for all...
  7. B

    April 2016 Newsletter - our latest updates

    Hi there, This month we’re rewarding customers who spend over $250 with a free bottle of ZMA Capsules. Worth $30, your free ZMA Capsules are a great way to reduce muscle soreness and ensure you get a great night’s sleep. But wait, don’t start shopping to hit that $250 target yet. We've got...
  8. S

    I.S.I.L. attacks Jakarta

    http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/world/explosion-near-sarinah-a-shopping-mall-in-central-jakarta-20160114-gm5uvl.html Seven explosions rock Indonesian capital Suicide bombers attack Starbucks cafe Up to seven killed as blasts continue Reports of 10 to 15 attackers involved @Goosey;
  9. I

    Xmas Gift Ideas!

    Howdy Team AUSBB! With just 18 days left until Xmas, we've put together just a few of our many amazing combo's if you're struggling with "I-haven't-started-shopping-itis". These are guaranteed to impress a friend, partner or loved one - or even if you're treating yourself! Take a squizz below...
  10. S

    Purchasing a power rack / half rack - anyone got Rogue?

    Hey guys I've got a home gym ready minus a power rack that I am still shopping for... my total area is 4x4m I have full dumbell rack full barbell racks (will probably sell most of these barbells) and a bench. I'm almost inclined to go a half rack like Rogue HR-2 because I think it has no...
  11. jzpowahz

    How to sumo deadlift with Ed Coan on Super Training

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDt8HwxVST0 Great vid. Highly recommended.
  12. A

    From footy to food, corporate cash-ins cheapen the Anzac legend

    Ten years ago I wrote an opinion piece for The Sunday Age, condemning the commercialisation of Anzac symbolism. I specifically targeted the Anzac Day football game, arguing that the so-called "traditional clash" between the Bombers and the Pies was essentially a cynical marketing exercise...
  13. I

    Online shopping

    So here in the UK there are a few companies that you can buy meat in bulk at half the retail price and as you all know we go through alot of meat in our day.....waiting for the puns..... Is there anywhere like this in Australia? Whats the average price per kilo of chicken, mince, beef, turkey...
  14. Mackie

    Online shopping for iPhone 4s

    Hi All, I've been doing a spot of online searching this afternoon, looking for a new iPhone 4S 16GB or above in white. Anyone know of any good places online? Don't really have time to go driving here and there looking for one - rather buy online if possible. Must be unlocked and prefer not...
  15. jtbsupplements

    Lets go shopping boyz/girlz

    hello everybody, I would like to add my shopping list, and it would be good to see if we can get a thread going here on certain shopping list so other people could maybe get the idea of what a nice clean food list looks like, lets add where we shop and the cheapest place to get it.... my list...
  16. S

    Your shopping bill - Tips on saving/ current specials

    Hi all Most with decent paying jobs and not many out goings will find this not as helpful, but due to a few unfortunate events Ive had to really look at my spending and re thinks how i do things State to State this will vary quite a bit i think but im from Sydney NSW so i kick it off Ive...
  17. Realouat

    6 Commonly Asked Questions on Dieting, Food Shopping, and Weight Loss

    -As I've gotten older, I've gained weight. Why is this happening? When you are younger, you have a higher metabolism and are more active. As we get older and take on more responsibilities, such as jobs and children, leisure activities become less of a priority. Work outs and healthy cooking...
  18. AndrewMcInroy

    Funny Video - Grocery Shopping with Andrew McInroy.

    WQLq_ccQhus What do you guys think? lol
  19. A

    Topic of the Week - What Are Some Grocery Shopping Tips For A Bodybuilder?

    As we all know a proper diet is essential for Bodybuilding , without a good diet it can hinder your results What are some grocery shopping tips for a bodybuilder? What are some good aisles/foods for a bodybuilder? How can a bodybuilder be sure he bought food that will meet his...
  20. G

    Advice on Oveseas shopping

    Hi, I am currently in Australia and seems like a good idea to buy from US as the Aus dollar is quite strong. I have never shopped from overseas before. I have looked through the Australian customs briefly and it says that you can bring in upto $1000. I also called the Aus customs and they said...