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  1. C

    Tainted Supplements

    I’ve read that a significant number of protein powders are contaminated with steroids or similar drugs. Anyone know which ones ?
  2. C

    Old Guy Strength Training

    I’m a 71 year old male who still works out to maintain strength. My questions are ‘How many squat reps and sets and at what % of body weight are appropriate for someone my age’ and ‘At what squat weight (%BW) should I start using a belt’. Answers from someone of similar age welcome but all...
  3. F

    Scam websites

    Anyone can tell me if Roidstop is a legitimate site or a scam? Placed an order with them on recommendation from a closed down popular supplier but everything seems dodgy.. input please?
  4. Shrek

    Election 2019

    Who are you voting for?
  5. T

    Looking for a gym buddy in Brisbane

    G'day fellas I'm looking for a training/gym buddy in Brisbane CBD. I live in South Brisbane and train in the early am but am open to change times. I'm committed and focused and hoping to find a similar mate to train hard with. Cheers
  6. J

    Body instability

    Ive had a number of surgeries on my left shoulder. Physio does nothing. I feel like the shoulder has been tightened forward too much, and results in pulling my left ribs forward and twisting my body. Anyone else have something similar, and, more importantly, been able to fix it?
  7. S

    Sex for older Men

    No, this isn't an invitation for older Men to come here and get Sex, it's a question regarding Sex and aging. How much does your Sex life deteriorate as you get older? I'd like to hear what the Ausbb Members in their 50s @Shrek; @Darkoz; @Goosey; @Fadi; @WoodyAllen; etc and anyone else have to...
  8. Neddysmith

    Any have a Android Media Box Kodi/XMBC or similar?

    OK Ausbb geeks, a mate told me about this "magic" media box he has and can bascially stream anything he wants which includes PPV any movie or TV show he wants etc etc, all for about $100 upfront cost and no ongoing subs. Any of you kunce got one or can school me on it, seems to be a ripper...
  9. Shrek

    First Aid

    I'm sitting through 2 days of First Aid training. Who here has it? If not, why not? Has any one applied it in a real emergency other than a minor cut or similar?
  10. Penn

    Fascial Stretch Training

    Has anyone here got experience in this? What protocol did you use did you get any results? Does it work similar to occlusion training?
  11. Goosey

    bench pull bar ironedge

    This is good, but could be even better with rotating handles
  12. H

    Where are you from & Where do you Train ?

    Not sure if this is allowed but thought it might be a good idea for everyone to list where they're from so people can find buddies in similar areas etc for possible workouts and stuff ? Maybe something similar to the Age/Weight thread Just an idea of course. Location: Perth, Western...
  13. Shrek

    Under Construction: The Film

  14. J

    Next Cycle

    Be starting this in a week or so for anyone interested. 12 weeks 800mg tren e, with 250mg test e every 10 days. Any questions?
  15. A

    anyone on medication similar to I have advice tramadol n celebrex

    Hello, I am just starting beginer program. I am on tramals and celebrex everyday for few injuries earlier last year. Was just wondering if anyone is in the same boat. My goal is to get off them completely in 6 -12 months time but will they hinder my progress in the mean time. I am 29 yo have...
  16. J

    Endocrinologists in Melbourne????

    Hey guys Mid last year I ran a sus250 (250mg/week) and tren (300mg/week), yeh I know I fucked up. And as a result developed fina dick. Thought it would go away after a few months, it didn't. So instead of seeing a doctor I thought I would run a test e only cycle 200mg/week with a pct of nolva...
  17. A

    Topic of the Week -How Are Bodybuilding And Powerlifting Similar And Different?

    TOPIC: How Are Bodybuilding And Powerlifting Similar And Different? Bodybuilding and Powerlifting are very similar; they are also very different. They both involve lifting weights, but a body of a powerlifter is completely different than a body of a bodybuilder How is bodybuilding and...
  18. M

    Eleiko (or similar quality) bumper plates in Aus - where?

    Wasn't sure which forum this went in, mods feel free to move. Basically looking to get a set of bumpers and new bar after I finish up with uni this year. I realise they are expensive as all get out, and that you are basically paying a premium to be doing a few lifts. I don't care, they are fun...
  19. kindred

    How far do you ride to work?

    If you ride to and from work how far do you go? My goal is to be able to ride to and from work. Its about 45km away. Im going to give myself 6 months of training before I even attemp it.