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New member
If you ride to and from work how far do you go?

My goal is to be able to ride to and from work. Its about 45km away. Im going to give myself 6 months of training before I even attemp it.


Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
one job is about 5k's away another is about 12k's away but i extend the route just to make it that bit more interesting so it gets pushed out to about 20k's


About 10 mins to one of my main jobs.On a Friday I have the time so I`ll do up to 20km in a day.Unfortunately it just isn`t practical to cycle to some places but I always try to cycle one more subway station or two.
Winter doubles my effort with snow biking.Yes,I`m serious!Spiked tyres and deep snow is hard going!


New member
Snow Biking!? How many times do you come off? I never even knew people rode in the snow...what a life changing moment this is for me :p

To answer the question, I'm lucky enough to have a nice 12min ride to work. Unfortunately I can only really ride in late autumn, winter and early spring. It's just too hot otherwise and I end up too sweaty when I get to work!
Have to leave 90min early when it starts getting hot just to beat the sun.

Now that summer is coming I am back in the car...


Snow Biking!? How many times do you come off?

Very rarely as the spikes are fairly big and it is hard to get a decent speed up.
The combination of the thick spiked tyres and the snow make it quite heavy.
Although,I have never done anything too hardcore.
However,if there is no snowfall for a day or two and all the snow is packed down hard and frozen solid you can motor along a bit.
When I change my tyres I will post up a pic and maybe even a video.


About this big.

Actually don`t look so big but they are very effective.


I think with the body weight pushing down it would make them dig in.I have seen bigger,spikier ones but I imagine they would be used for downhill etc.


cant really relate work here but i used to ride from Urunga NSW to Bellingen NSW which if you look up on Google Maps is just over 15 kms each day to school ;)


Interesting, I think it's not depend on fer it's depend on how much time you rid non-stopple.Generally i live in flat area and i rid it without gear and if you live in a hilly place then chosen geared one for longer then 30 minutes non-stop.If you practice it ragulerly then i think you pass the any far.


Well-known member
If you are older than 21 and riding to work you really have to evaluate the choices you have made in life


I've got a mate who rode 28 km to work on his second bike ride. Just took a bit of determination. With a good bike, you'll be surprised at the minimal difference between 15 km and 45 km.

I'd suggest working up to it over about two to three weeks unless you have a prior injury or are massively unfit. Shouldn't take 6 months. Just expect 45 km to take 2 hours first time