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  1. I

    No sperm after cycle

    Hi all I finish a cycle of test e and mop some time ago Only trouble is that my supplier could not get any post cycle therapy stuff So that was about 8 weeks abo Just went for a sperm test because of personal reason and I have no sperm Would this be caused by the no post cycle therapy Will...
  2. K

    [Article] Super red arowana fish for sale

    We do supply super red arowana fish,Golden crossback arowana fish,chili red arowana fish,malaysian red arowana fish ,Red tail golden arowana fish and many more .
  3. Shrek

    Fuck Friends

    I don’t have any for this very reason. Happy to be a loner.
  4. Shrek

    Callum Von Moger almost dies.

  5. kaz


    Who here has it? I have it in one ear and it caused by the fuck up in the chain of muscles from the massiter to the trap more than likely from an unrack or OH injury that never got treated. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. Big Mick

    Power lifting Feds

    So at a quick glance we have - Power Lifting Australia, - Australian Drug Free Power Lifting Federation - CAPO Power Lifting - Oceana Power Lifting - GPC Australia There is probably more:confused: So if one was interested in competing where the fuck would you go and which association...
  7. A

    When Did Strongman Competitions Turn Into The WWE?

    Complete with the fake break out of cuffs. Cheesy as fuck.
  8. S

    Facebook - fuck me!!!

    Facebook is using sophisticated algorithms to identify and exploit Australians as young as 14, by allowing advertisers to target them at their most vulnerable, including when they feel “worthless” and “insecure”, secret internal documents *reveal...
  9. spartacus

    Ray Williams 477.5kg squat

  10. Shrek

    Dallas 5 weeks out

    5 weeks out AC
  11. Goosey

    Dude does push-ups

    Yes, this all looks cool in a video. This bloke is totally destroying one of the most effective body weight exercises available.....by having people see this and try to mimic.
  12. Shrek

    Massive Bodybuilder Craig Golias - Looks Unreal at 330 lbs

    😨😨😨😨😨 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng76IS_Wbyo
  13. S

    Fuck me Nick

    Have you guys changed the formula for your WPC Vanilla Bulk Nutrients; ? Just filled less than half of my BN shaker with water then added 50 gram of Vanilla WPC. Opened the top and the froth was over flowing. More than half of the Shaker is froth. Added my Oats ( Big Mick; ) and now theres a...
  14. J

    Dana Linn Bailey

    So come on, who here thinks she is hot? Ive got a real fetish for her right now, not too sure why! Love watching her vids, but fuck me her husband is a dick head.
  15. A

    The Story of 'Fuck Tha Police' - A Noisey Film

  16. S

    Pubic hair on your partner. Yay or Nay?

    Do you like your partner to have pubic hair? What do you prefer.
  17. A

    Bodybuilder VS Cyclist - Squat-Off!

    One of the world's best Cyclists (Robert Förstemann) VS one of the best renowned Bodybuilding & strength coaches (Johannes Luckas) in a furious workout @High5 Gym in Berlin Germany
  18. vegas

    The Perfect Human Diet

    Has anyone seen this? The Perfect Human Diet by C.J. Hunt https://itun.es/au/PfiUI I'm going to watch it today, should be interesting
  19. Shrek

    State of Origin 2015

    I think QLD will take back the title this year. Most of their big guns are playing well. Thurston, Inglis, Slater, Smith, Cronk. Where the key NSW players in key position are not. Hodkinson, Reynolds, Moloney etc. I fear. 3 nil whitewash. NSW also gave up a home game to Melb. What the fuck...
  20. Rugby88

    Butter in coffee/Bulletproof

    Seen afew people mention this - never really looked into it - what is the idea/benefit behind this? How do you make it, what else do you put in it?? Pros/Cons?