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  1. P

    Long Layoff

    Hey Guys, Just coming back from a 15+ year lay off and was wondering if the generally accepted methods had changed. I'm a 55 year-old and doing a 3 on 1 off split (chest/back, shoulders/legs, arms) and taking in 30g of protein every 3 hours throughout the day. I'm making great gains thanks...
  2. G

    Anadrol 50

    Taking anadrol 50s once a day for my first time. Anything I need to know? Do I need estrogen modifiers or anything like that? I've not used gear in an oral form before. When I was in my 20s and heavy into martial arts my trainer used to stick me with test. I didn't ask many questions, I was...
  3. Y

    Pre workout help

    I’m after a pre workout, work has made going to the gym a punish some days Now the question is true protein or bulk nutrients pre workout, or if there are other recommend ones Differences Bulk Nutrients Agmatine Sulphate, Flavouring, L Tyrosine, L Theanine, Choline Bitartrate, Magnesium...
  4. T

    Muscle memory over the years

    Hi all After selling the gym over 5 years ago, I have been inconsistent with training. I have moved home and now have my mojo back ! Loving the gym, the DOMS and even eating clean. My question is - because I have done this before will my gains come back quicker as in muscle memory or is my body...
  5. A

    To those who got into general fitness a little later in life

    To those who got into general fitness a little later in life (after high school or uni), do you ever regret missing out opportunities to participate in school sports ?
  6. MickB

    Hi Guys and Girls

    Hi All, I have just returned to Bodybuilding after a lengthy spell out. I used to be a member on here 2-3 years back but had a car accident and herniated two discs in my neck - was touch and go for a while if I'd ever be able to lift again - got very depressed and couldn't even come on the site...
  7. A

    Bodybuilder Andy Page’s mysterious death leaves friends and family devastated

    Andy Page during a fitness competition. Photo: Rory Banwell Photography Jessica ElderGold Coast Bulletin Email a friend GOLD Coast fitness model Andy Page posted a video on Saturday morning about her “lean breakfast” and upcoming workout The next morning she was dead. The...
  8. Shrek

    "Hugh Jackman Training For Wolverine 3 Looking Ripped As Hell"

  9. B

    May 2016 Newsletter - our latest updates

    Hiya! As we edge closer to Winter, we've got a cracking Product of the Month for you… It’s fair to say that Watermelon NO4X has gained a cult following. It’s trusted by many gym go'ers to assist with their focus and provide maximum stimulation in the gym. Best of all, it’s free for all...
  10. F

    Short courses

    Hi Everyone - bit about myself, 10years+ of lifting before having kids 8 years ago..this put my gym visits on hold :( Stats pre kids, 5 foot 9, 42, did ~5-10 courses (Standard stuff...courses consisted of usually(Not all together!) sust 250, bold/eq, test prop, stan...and even the old sheep...
  11. B

    March 2016 Newsletter - our latest updates

    Hey there Bulk Fans… and welcome to March! This month we've got an amazing Product of the Month for you… the most researched and validated supplement on the market: 500g of Creatine Monohydrate. A staple of everyone that trains in the Bulk office, Creatine Monohydrate helps us gain strength...
  12. B

    February 2016 Newsletter - our latest updates

    If you've got a great memory, you may be thinking ‘hang on - Green Fusion has been Product of the Month before!’ and you’d be right… kinda. What’s the difference? It’s all in the flavour! We know not everyone loves that harsh ‘seaweed and pea’ taste you get when shotting our all-in-one...
  13. B

    January 2016 Newsletter - our latest updates

    Welcome to 2016, Bulk fans! We’re back after our short Christmas break and although we’re a bit biased, we've got a massive year planned. We'll be continuing to support events around Australia, provide amazing value for money and while we don’t have release dates yet you can look forward to...
  14. A

    Cyclist bashed and concussed in Coburg during road rage incident with hoon motorists

    THE victim of a callous road rage bashing says he is struggling to get his life back on track six weeks after he was beaten. Cyclist Mark Gilligan was set upon by a group of men in Coburg, moments after his attackers narrowly avoided hitting him with their car while drag racing. The attack...
  15. A

    A Simple Flaw Is Causing a Huge Recall of 1.3 Million Bikes

    as far as bike recalls go, this is still a big one: A group of thirteen bike brands are recalling more than 1.3 million disc brake-equipped bikes. It’s one of the biggest recalls of bicycles in recent memory, involving big names like Giant, Specialized, Cannondale, Diamondback, Fuji, Novara...
  16. A

    How many of you record your lifting progress and how many go by "feel"?

    Carrying that little black book around in the gym or just grabbing that weight, seeing what feels right, and completing the set.
  17. Repacked

    Help finding song

    I cannot remember for the life of me the name of this song or the artist. If I heard the bands name or the chorus I would recognise it. Mental blank. If anyone has an idea please post the name. Check your ideas against the video clip on YT to avoid a long list of random suggestions please...
  18. spartacus

    your single favorite spoirting moment that you watched live or on tv

    i love most sports, even watch powerlifting. But my favourite sporting moment was 100m final between Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis, 1987 Worlds in Rome. Both had same pb at time, but Johnson smashed the wr at time in 9.83. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzpADwTjBws What is your favourite...
  19. A

    The Perfect Sex Toys For The Data-Driven Lady [NSFW

    so for the geeky girl that likes to tweak things , there is now a vibrator on the market whre you can tweak the settings allowing you to configure the pulse/vibe to your liking http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2015/04/the-crave-flex-series-the-perfect-sex-toys-for-the-data-driven-lady/
  20. M

    'Muscle memory', how long is it good for??

    Hi there guys, apologies if this is covered elsewhere but as I view this forum only on my phone (Tapatalk 2), I cannot 'search' (no option). Note: I also put in a request in another thread. Anyway, 'muscle memory', how long is it good for?? Or is there no definitive answer due to too many...