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New member
Hi all

After selling the gym over 5 years ago, I have been inconsistent with training. I have moved home and now have my mojo back ! Loving the gym, the DOMS and even eating clean.
My question is - because I have done this before will my gains come back quicker as in muscle memory or is my body at newbie stage... it’s been 5 years now since I had a 6 pack or biceps I was proud of.

what do you think too long ? Or do I have a hope lol...

nice to to meet you all

Does it matter if it comes back quickly or not?

If it doesn’t does that mean you won’t train again?

Basically just get into it and see what happens.

If you expect quick results and get annoyed when it doesn’t happen.
Be prepared for the long haul.
Your right it doesn’t matter, I have always enjoyed the challenge in the process....but it would be good to know that my laziness hasn’t totally wrecked all the hard work from before.
Funny when I don’t get quick results I have always pushed harder....don’t give in that easily!!
enjoy your day .
Muscle memory will kick it.
Won’t take long to be back where you were.

Enjoy your day.