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  1. S

    Second cycle newbie

    Hey guys, I did a test enanthate cycle a few years back and it was so good. No idea why its taken me this long to go again but was thinking of trying something different. The first time i was recommended to do 12 weeks and a pretty high amount of test. This time i was thinking of doing test...
  2. D

    New to this but no newbie

    Hi all, I am a 55 year old male from the Gold Coast who has been in the gym regularly since I was in my early 20's. I joined this forum because I want to learn from YOU and take my lifestyle to a new level. There is one thing that is bugging me right now and I hope someone can help. Up until...
  3. T

    Muscle memory over the years

    Hi all After selling the gym over 5 years ago, I have been inconsistent with training. I have moved home and now have my mojo back ! Loving the gym, the DOMS and even eating clean. My question is - because I have done this before will my gains come back quicker as in muscle memory or is my body...
  4. T

    Perth - Newbie looking for help

    Anyone on here in Perth that can help me get started with the jabs. Happy to pay for your time once a week till i am confident enough. Happy to also link it to a PT session a week too. Just can't get my shit together as a newbie. pm me if possible, flexible and not in a massive rush.
  5. M

    Where can I post Gym equipment for sale?

    Hi All, Complete newbie here - so please delete this post if inappropriate. But I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a fitness/gym specific site that I can post some gym equipment for sale (second hand that I want to get rid of as not really using it)? I don't know if I can do it here or not...
  6. N

    Complete Newbie where do I start

    So I went out and bought a multi Gym Now what?? Might sound like a silly question but for someone new im a bit lost Seems to be an argument about weight vs reps? what weight should one start with how may reps What exercises How much and many workouts a week
  7. G

    Power rack comparison

    I have been reading some of the reviews with interest as I am trying to work out what I need to get for a garage gym. I currently have a powertec leverage system which I will be selling. What I have at the moment is Force USA Ranger barbell Olympic dumbbells 300kg of Olympic weights force...
  8. L

    Critique my Cut Plan

    Hi All Going to be starting a cutting cycle after a 6 month newbie recomp. Recomp progress is stalling, so I want to cut, then stay lean and lean bulk next year. Goal is to cut to from 18% to 10% bodyfat, losing 7.8kg fat and maintaining strength. I took a DEXA scan today that verified...
  9. A

    You Don't Need To Lift Heavy Weights To Build Muscle

    In a recent study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, Canadian researchers took 49 men who’d been weight training for the past two years. Already there are two key contributions by this study: It involves a larger sample size than most similar studies and subjects who would not just...
  10. Goosey


    I posted this here because I didn't know where to, so many sub forums. back in the day at around the mid nineties there were a couple of forums specifically about lifting weights, with maybe three sub forums. all had their philosophies and like minded people used to discuss methods and swap...
  11. A

    Constructive Advice Roundtable Thread

    Often times a new member will post some "newbie" questions and they often receive critical comments, etc. I thought this thread could be a safe place for newbie questions to get constructive advice and encouragement in getting started in their training, supplementation and diet When seeking...
  12. L

    Grip weakest link in deadlift

    Hi All, My trainer has me currently doing high-volume to bring up my work capacity and to burn off the fat. However with deadlifts my forearms and grip is running out of steam halfway through the sets. I know I have other options but: 1. I don't like alternating grip due to some imbalances, a...
  13. F

    Any homes gyms in perth that needs a newbie to train with?

    just throwing it out there
  14. J


    Hi I am newbie here and come here to know about fitness and workout.
  15. F

    Hi, any recommendations

    Hey all, glad you have the "introduce yourself" board as I wouldn't know where to start, this place is huge. I'm looking for some advice on supplements to build muscle, and it looks like everyone has recommendations but not much in the way of consensus? I'm not looking to be a body builder...
  16. K


    Hi everyone im new to this forum and not quite sure how it all works... im 42 been training on and off for a few years I train at selbys...awesome spring weather is so motivating...
  17. K

    More newbie questions from me regarding programs.

    Well Im about to start my new program tomorrow was leaning towards the Wendler 5/3/1 either BBB ( big but boring) or BB ( body building template ) but then i realized the progress is alot slower on these programs and are aimed at advance lifters, while I still find myself a novice due to only...
  18. A

    Newbies fire away your questions

    Post any of your questions, no matter how silly you think the question might be
  19. G

    Newbie - Possible overtraining?

    So I'm a middle aged noob to lifting. Got a decent rack, oly barbell set, and started a basic program from the starting strength on this site. Maybe just concerned about wasting time because of overtraining due to 3x full body workouts a week with other stuff on off days. I'll put what I'm doing...
  20. D

    Newbie Here!

    Hello Guys, I hope everyone is doing well. I'm a new member of this forum and just joined. My name is Danny Crawford, 24 years old, from USA. I've started workout when I's 15 and left when I's 21 years old. When I's regularly going to gym, I's used to workout regularly, taking supplements...