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Hi All,

I have just returned to Bodybuilding after a lengthy spell out. I used to be a member on here 2-3 years back but had a car accident and herniated two discs in my neck - was touch and go for a while if I'd ever be able to lift again - got very depressed and couldn't even come on the site as it just got me down! As you can imagine I'd lost a lot of my hard fought gains - cost me years of development not to mention wasted dollars on supplements etc! Grrr

However - quacks have now given me the all clear (except I cannot squat or strain the neck of course) - Just started about 3 months back - as it happens I still had some gear from before my injury and hit my first cycle of Anadrol and DBol stack - just to try to gain some lost power. Has worked a treat and my body has responded really well! People talk about muscle memory and I was a little sceptical but I swear I've gained back about 12 months progress in 2 months of hard work!

Looking to run a cutting cycle next!

I honestly thought it was all over for me and I'd have to be resigned to being out of shape - I'm 40 in January and my goal is to be as big and ripped as I possibly can and see just how good I can get by the time I'm 45! It's now or never!!

Looking forward to getting back in the game!!

And a massive hello to you all!!



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Anadrol and Dbol
What dosages?

Hey Shrek,

50mg Anadrol (25/25 morning night) 75mg DBol (25/25/25) throughout the day - obvious liver protection etc - I've run them together a few times before it doesn't seem to knock me around too much - obvious liver protection etc.


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Anyone know if ChrisO, Pezcalves or The Empire are still around?


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Yep..I know everything around here.