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  1. stanly stud

    any chicks

    any girls on here want to meet a scotsman... show you my kilt:D
  2. A

    How Zyzz died

    Before becoming a bodybuilder, Shavershian had been described as a "skinny kid"[19][8] and an ectomorph.[20] Once he completed secondary school,[13] inspired by his bodybuilder brother, he joined a local gym and began learning about nutrition and training, applying it to his pursuit of becoming...
  3. U

    Keto supplements

    Hi guys and girls. Just wanting to know what people here use for keto. I’ve been doing it for a lil but now but just seeing other opinions on the diet and what supplements yous use. Also does anyone know the best place to get the bhb salts from. For a good price
  4. B

    Any pointers?

    Hows it going reasonably new to the forum and just wanted some advice with a couple of things. At the moment im 6’3” Weighing in around 110kgs And going to the gym at the moment is nearly not existent. My problem is i know my way around a gym as i used to play sport at a high level. I seem to...
  5. spartacus

    Australian records Powerlifting Australia

    for those of us interested in drug-tested powerlifting records, here is a list. some of the master records are outstanding. https://powerliftingaustralia.com/australian-records/
  6. F

    Can you relate?

    Listening to the words, and seeing how they were affecting Kelly's still open wound (so it seems), it took me all the way back to 1970 when at the tender age of 5, my mother left. However unlike Kelly, my story and my feelings are the exact opposite to hers. Today my mother is the number one...
  7. T

    Guy asks 100 girls for their numbers, 95 said no hahahah

    Man gets 95 rejections after asking 100 girls for number HAHAHAHA In one instance, he literally begged and asked the same girl about 8 times. He also asked legit 2 and 3/10 girls and was turned down Feel so bad for him though
  8. S

    Sumo Deadlifts on Leg day???

    Anyone tried Sumo Deadlifts on Leg day as part of a BB routine? When you think about it, a Sumo Deadlift (or a "Powerlifting cheats Deadlift") takes out a lot of the Back and works the Legs and Glutes more. Bit like a Jefferson Squat but not as awkward.
  9. MickB

    Hi Guys and Girls

    Hi All, I have just returned to Bodybuilding after a lengthy spell out. I used to be a member on here 2-3 years back but had a car accident and herniated two discs in my neck - was touch and go for a while if I'd ever be able to lift again - got very depressed and couldn't even come on the site...
  10. WoodyAllen

    Classic Raw World Championships. IPF. On now.

    There are two platforms. Platform 1 has replay and multiple camera angles. Platform 2 is more agricultural with just one fixed camera and no replays. Both have commentary. http://goodlift.info/live.php Look out for Jezza Upea, Ray Williams and Kelly Branton this weekend, sunday 1.30pm...
  11. F

    Unleash the elephant within!

    When I was a young weightlifter, I was told a story which served me well, as I now share it with my girls. I like to share it with you. This was written by Doctor Prakash Iyer. Lessons from the baby elephant: Smash the peg. Set yourself free! DO you know what they do to keep a circus...
  12. A

    The Accidental Powerlifting World-Record Holder

    At sixteen years old, Lee Winroth deadlifted four hundred and twenty pounds, unofficially breaking the world record for women in her age and weight class.CREDITPHOTOGRAPH BY MIKE POWELL / GETTYOn July 2, 2015, a video was uploaded to YouTube that began with a teen-age girl in a gym wrapping a...
  13. M

    Television program about body image

    Hi guys, I'm working on a program about body image in Australia and it would be great to talk to some of the guys and girls on this thread about what the ideal body is, and what lengths we go to to achieve it. The program wants to have an honest conversation about exercise and body image in...
  14. F

    I Am A Muslim Woman, And Would Like A Moment Of Your Time

    By Nabila Chemaissem on August 28, 2015 Nabila Chemaissem I am a young girl, no more than five, and sitting in the car as my mum parks in front of a grocer in Liverpool. I ask her to please get me a Kinder Surprise, more for the toy inside than the chocolate exterior. My mum nods and smiles...
  15. A

    What Happened To Zyzz? – How Aziz Shavershian Died

    What Happened To Zyzz? – How Aziz Shavershian Died Entertainment Jan 10, 2016 Lured to a mirrored pool he fell in love with himself and died unable to stop looking at his own reflection. In many ways the life of amateur bodybuilder Aziz Shavershian, better known by his online handle...
  16. A

    How CrossFit has changed from 2009-present: Shoes to food to the muscle-up

    Gymnastics leotards haven’t evolved since the 1980s, and neither have gymnasts’ hairstyles—tied back tightly, wrapped in a scrunchie, and finished off with head full of metal “gymnastics clips.” The same cannot be said of CrossFit: Our culture, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, and our...
  17. H

    Good Compression Bras ?

    Hi All, My Girlfriend is looking for a good compression bra as she's fairly gifted in the chest region (10DD-10E). Basically she wants to get to a running stage but isn't comfortable because of too much bouncing for lack of better words. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks Girls.
  18. D

    What keeps you motivated?

    I know that most of us are fired up to go train.* All our friends are at the gym, all of the hardbodied girls are there.* We are fired up MOST of the time.* But as we all know, life happens.* Things come up.* But we can't take any days off.* My question is this.* What motivates you on those days...
  19. WoodyAllen

    2015 Australian Junior & Masters Championships Live Stream

    http://www.ustream.tv/channel/raw-nationals https://powerliftingaustralia.com/news/live-stream-2015-australian-junior-masters-championships-australian-bench-press-championships-australian-blind-championships/ FRIDAY 7.00a.m. Weigh-In 9.00a.m. Start 47/52/57/53/59 20 lifters...
  20. WoodyAllen

    Pancaked good mornings.

    Dafuq did I just see....