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Bulk Nutrients

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If you've got a great memory, you may be thinking ‘hang on - Green Fusion has been Product of the Month before!’ and you’d be right… kinda.

What’s the difference? It’s all in the flavour!

We know not everyone loves that harsh ‘seaweed and pea’ taste you get when shotting our all-in-one vitamin and mineral solution, so we tested a few options that help take off the edge.

If we are honest, we didn't think we’d come up with anything acceptable, but our taste testers tell us our all-natural Raspberry flavouring is a great concealer… making those vitamins and minerals even easier to get in daily.

So grab yourself 50 serves (250g) of the new and improved Flavoured Green Fusion by placing an order worth over $250 in the month of February.

Do our R&D team ever rest? Our famous Mug Cakes are now available in Choc Cherry Delight flavour! Previously only released in Creamy Banana flavour, our ultimate protein ‘cake in a mug’ is giving you more reasons to treat yourself.

You can also watch Brodie and Nicole take you through the ins and outs of making Mug Cakes in the latest episode of Bulk TV...

... or jump the queue and grab a 7 pack for just $12, or 14 packs for $19.95.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our 2015 Customer Survey. We're still pouring over your feedback and can’t wait to implement some of your suggestions!
Everyone that gave us feedback went in the draw to win one of two $500 store credits - a prize well and truly worth the 5 or so minutes it took to complete the survey.
We won’t keep you waiting any longer… the lucky winners of this prize were Amy E from Carine in WA and Glen M from Semaphorein in SA! Congrats guys - we've got your details and will be in touch to arrange your $500 store credit. That should well and truly boost your 2016 stacks!
Didn’t win? Well there's no need to be too sad. We run competitions every week over on our Facebook page. ‘Like’ us to stay in the loop!

Til next time,

The Team at Bulk Nutrients